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Home Decor for Fall 2021

During the Christmas season, my house is decked. I look forward to decorating for the holidays so much and it’s always so hard to take it down afterwards mostly because my house is so empty once I do. This summer, I decided to pick out some home decor that could stay up all year long.… Continue reading Home Decor for Fall 2021

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Ageless Style: Back to School

What kind of kid were you when it was back to school time? Did you dress up? Did you dress for comfort? Did you not care at all? When I was in school, the first day back was the day I dressed to impress. I remember wearing some great bell bottoms, my mom’s boots from… Continue reading Ageless Style: Back to School

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: For the Kids

Well, it's that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale really is kind of a big deal. The way I see it, this is our chance to get things we wouldn't normally be able to buy at a normal person's price. Now, last year I went cray cray during the sale and took me… Continue reading Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: For the Kids

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Black Jumpsuit: Fall Staple

Hello there! It's been a while, but it's finally FALL, and I'd love to share some fall fashion ideas with you! Summer is lovely, but I get burned out fashion-wise about half way through. There's only so many shorts and tshirt variations you can come up with! I think I can safely say that fall… Continue reading Black Jumpsuit: Fall Staple

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Retro Style: The Poncho #ootd

Do you remember the poncho's from the 70's? I LOVE them. I would snatch any of these up in a heartbeat. And the cool part of fashion right now is that a lot of retro styles are back! (Belled sleeves and Bell bottoms, anyone?) This is great news for thrifters because, if you keep your… Continue reading Retro Style: The Poncho #ootd

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Long Time, No Blog! Embroidered Jeans #ootd

Hey there! It's been a minute since I've made a blog post; mainly because we moved into our NEW HOUSE!! Ah! I absolutely love this place. But it's been absolutely crazy and unpredictable around here, almost like...well, almost like we're moving or something! ha! But I wanted to get back to letting you know where… Continue reading Long Time, No Blog! Embroidered Jeans #ootd

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Fall Baking and My Fall Bucket List

Did anyone else make a bucket list? I joined up with a few ladies to make a Fall Bucket List this year and I've had a lot of fun doing these activities with the family. Here is my list: One thing on my list was to have a fall baking day. I used to bake… Continue reading Fall Baking and My Fall Bucket List

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Christmas Party #ootd

This year, hubs took me with him on a trip out to California for his company's annual Christmas party! I can't even tell you how long (if ever) it's been since I've been to a proper Christmas party. I decided to go simple with my outfit since they are all tech nerds and I doubted… Continue reading Christmas Party #ootd

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Double Hoodie #ootd

This suuuuper cute hoodie from Mindy Mae's Market has been on my list for quite a while now! I finally decided to just go ahead and get it a couple months ago. Hoodie: Mindy Mae's Market| Puffer Vest: Thrifted (similar)| Leggings: Walmart (similar)| Boots: Thredup (similar) Everything here was thrifted or found for very cheap… Continue reading Double Hoodie #ootd

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Travel Capsule Wardrobe: 9 Outfits

So I just came back from a trip with the hubs to his company Christmas Party in San Jose! Without even realizing it, I had packed a capsule wardrobe for the occasion. I love the idea of capsule wardrobes, where each piece works with almost all the other pieces to create multiple outfit combinations! I… Continue reading Travel Capsule Wardrobe: 9 Outfits