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Retro Style: The Poncho #ootd

Do you remember the poncho’s from the 70’s?

I LOVE them. I would snatch any of these up in a heartbeat. And the cool part of fashion right now is that a lot of retro styles are back! (Belled sleeves and Bell bottoms, anyone?) This is great news for thrifters because, if you keep your eyes open you can find some on-trend pieces for pennies! Gosh, I love thrifting!

But if you can’t get out to go thrifting, ponchos are available all over right now, if not a little more subdued in color. I saw this zippered poncho at Target and didn’t hesitate one second! I love the green color and the knit is thick so it’s very warm!


Later that day it warmed up and I lost the scarf and unzippered the poncho. It was perfect.


So the bummer is, that this particular one is now sold out. I found it in the early fall, so this makes sense. But I’ve rounded up a few for you that will be timeless and should go with just about anything in your wardrobe! (Affiliate links)

If you’re wondering how in the world you would incorporate a poncho into your personal style, I gathered some Pinterest Inspiration for you!

Pinterest Credit: 1|2|3|4

Pinterest Credit: 1|2|3|4|5

If you’ve been waiting to try a poncho, the time is now! You can get them thrifted or in the stores and they are SO cute!


(Post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you! Thank you so much for your support!)

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