I’m Jamie! I love all things retro! Retro clothes (bell bottoms ah!), retro music (The Beatles! Ah! Ah!), and retro movies (StarWars! Ah! Ah! Ah!) I’ve been RetroCutie online ever since my very first AOL account back in the day. (Remember those?) ┬áBecause I was such a little hippie in high school and I still am at heart!


I’m not haute or fancy or high fashion. I just like clothes and am learning how to dress this mom body after five kids! Hopefully you’ll stick around to see what I’m up to while I figure out what curvy, kid-friendly style looks like.


But why have a blog about clothes?!

After having my last child, I found myself bewildered when my body decided it was comfy being curvy. I wore maternity ┬ájeans and my husband’s tee shirts; waiting for the day when I could fit those cute clothes in my closet.

One day, I decided to throw it all out (keeping a few pieces cuz I’m sentimental like that) and started looking for clothes that made me feel good in my current body. What happened was a major self esteem booster because I suddenly felt cute again. I began to take more time for self-care and began to take a little pride in my appearance.

Now, I dress for myself and love trying things that people said I shouldn’t because I am overweight. (Horizontal stripes, anyone?) My parents encouraged me, saying that there was nothing wrong with doing things that make me feel good about myself and they’ve been my number one supporter from day one and always!


So, maybe it’s a little vain to have a blog about myself and what I wear, but my story is not uncommon among women! I want to encourage you to step out and try new things and find what makes you feel good about being you!