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Real-Talk Wednesday: My Olympics Disclaimer

So, hey there! I'm gonna be real honest with you and say that I fully plan on being completely worthless for the duration of the Olympics! I Love The Olympics! I love watching the games, I love watching our team, I love the commercials, and the drama and everything there is about the Olympics! Do… Continue reading Real-Talk Wednesday: My Olympics Disclaimer

Real-Talk Wednesday · Sharing My Heart

Real Talk Wednesday: Grief

They say the five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. (Source) But when someone is diagnosed with a terminal disease, I think you start grieving right then even though they are still with you. My uncle was the crazy one, the fun one, demented, weird, and nutso. He loved BIG and… Continue reading Real Talk Wednesday: Grief

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Real Talk Wednesday: Grandma’s Estate

A couple weeks ago, we went through the last of Grandma's things and divided it up amongst the family. Whatever we didn't keep got donated. There's just something so final about that. And while I knew things at Goodwill once belonged to someone, it gave new meaning to all the trinkets you find on the… Continue reading Real Talk Wednesday: Grandma’s Estate

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How to Move with Kids in Tow

Lord, I was so excited when we bought our new house! This place is going to be so great for us and I just cannot wait to get into it. Then the reality of packing and moving hit, and well...I gotta say it did dampen the excitement a bit. But I got my head back… Continue reading How to Move with Kids in Tow

Real-Talk Wednesday · Sharing My Heart

Real Talk Wednesday

It's been a couple weeks since I've done a Real Talk Wednesday! But I figured the week of the time change would be the perfect time. Because My. Kids. Are. Cray! What is it about the time change that make kids act like deranged lunatics? And did I mention that we school at home? On… Continue reading Real Talk Wednesday

Real-Talk Wednesday · Sharing My Heart

De-Stigmatizing Depression

Depression is an odd thing. Sometimes when you're right in the middle of it, you don't even know it. It's only when you're out the other side and can look back that you realize how bad things really were. But why is it so hard to understand when someone else has depression? There is plenty… Continue reading De-Stigmatizing Depression