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Real-Talk Wednesday


Did it feel like winter held on for ENTIRELY too long this year? When it snowed mid-April, I was almost convinced the spring would never come. But HERE IT IS! And, I gotta say spring fever is REAL! I am so ready to be out of this house!

So far this week we’ve:

  • Visited the new Dog Park
  • Walked a trail at a local watershed
  • Played Pokemon Go (for TWO HOURS!)
  • Played outside with the water table
  • Shopped for summer sandals for the kids

I mean, maybe that’s not impressive to you, but it just feels SO GREAT to be out of the house! The amazing thing is that since we’re done with co-op for the year, we’ve got an extra free day to get all our regular schoolwork finished while still leaving time to get outside. I’m telling you, I was SO READY for spring!

Has the weather turned warm where you are? What activities are you enjoying this time of year? I could use some more ideas!



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