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Real Talk Wednesday: My Top 3 Anxiety Remedies


It’s no secret that I’ve been dealing with some pretty heavy anxiety lately (well, since before Christmas) and it’s pretty much changed the way I do just about everything. But I have found some remedies that help get me through and I thought I’d share it with you in case it could help you too!

On a side note, don’t you hate it when someone tells you that you just need more sleep? Like, IF I COULD sleep, don’t you think I WOULD? I need something to calm me down so I CAN get more sleep. Ah, but I digress.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve read quite a few articles about anxiety that suggest more sleep, less caffeine, and a better diet. But the following remedies are for the ‘here and now’ ‘I’m freaking out and can’t stop’ moments that are so hard to deal with. This is what’s helped me.

Magnesium Powder was suggested to me by my Barre instructor who also suffers from anxiety and immediately after class, I went and got some. I got the “flavorless” kind which sort of tastes like a less nasty version of alka-seltzer. But, it really works for me! It works soon after I drink it and helps give me a more settled feeling. Just a general calming down.

Exercise was one of the first things I started doing strictly out of necessity. I got so full of nervous energy and had no outlet. The first thing I did was buy a cheap treadmill and whenever I felt unbearable anxiety, I literally ran it to death until I felt better. Let’s just say, I ran the engine out on my first treadmill because I used it so much.

Then I started taking Neighborhood Barre classes and that’s kind of been my obsession for a couple months. I go to a class almost every day. They play music, and I’ve made friends, and it’s kind of my only me-time that I get. I’ve really grown to love it even though I’m nothing near a fitness nut and never have been. It just makes me feel more settled and like I’m actively beating my anxiety every time I go.

CBD Oil was actually suggested to me by my new doctor. She seemed kind of sheepish like maybe I’d balk at the idea (I’m a California girl, so I’m totally down. ha!) but I went out and got a small bottle to start with from my local crunchy store. For all my talk, I was a little afraid to try it but when I finally did it really helped! I put a few drops under my tongue and let it do it’s magic when things get overwhelming. It doesn’t work instantly, but it gives a gradual cool down that allows me to start enjoying myself when I’m out at an event. It does taste nasty though, I’ll admit. Like someone took grass clippings and liquified it, but it’s TOTALLY worth it. I keep this with me in my purse!

(I use Straight Hemp bought from my local natural food store. Amazon isn’t legally allowed to sell the real stuff, so I wouldn’t buy any from there.)

If any of these help you, I’d love to hear about it. If you have other ideas for anxiety remedies, I’d love to hear that too! We get better by being open and helping each other!


7 thoughts on “Real Talk Wednesday: My Top 3 Anxiety Remedies

  1. Okay, test comment went through…as I was saying…Thank you for sharing with us. I suffer from anxiety, particularly when my mom is suicidal – imagine that – or my daughters are struggling. And it affects my sleep, too. Have started taking magnesium in tablet form with my daily vitamins and melatonin gummies (like a bedtime treat) before bed. But when I am my most anxious, I may finally drift off to sleep but will likely wake in the night with dread and worry.

    We are doing bedtime walks and I am lifting a 5 lb barbell as we walk. That seems to help me wind down.

    And when I wake up near frantic, it helps to write…write to-do lists, worries, things I need to remember. Just putting those thoughts on paper is enough, at times, to let me relax and fall back to sleep.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. So proud of your work at barre. It whooped my fanny.

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  2. Hi, wrote a long comment and then got a message that my comment couldn’t be posted. This is a test comment.


  3. Exercise helps me a lot. For the past few months I’ve neglected to exercise like I used to, and my anxiety/depression has come back quite furiously. However, I’m starting back at a gym this week with a friend so I hope it’ll help. My dad has tried the oil and I think it works for him. Thank you for sharing!


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