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Real-Talk Wednesday: My Olympics Disclaimer


So, hey there! I’m gonna be real honest with you and say that I fully plan on being completely worthless for the duration of the Olympics!





I love watching the games, I love watching our team, I love the commercials, and the drama and everything there is about the Olympics!


Do you watch it much? My husband got us a Sling subscription so I can watch it all day, every day! SO EXCITED!

And listen, I’ve even planned for us to do Olympics themed school for two straight weeks! ha!  Yes, I’m THAT mom. I can’t just let school go, yet I know I’m going to be the suckiest mom in every way possible for two weeks. (Plus!)

These are the two workbooks I snagged on Amazon just today:

The second one above was created by a fellow Homeschool Mom, so I feel pretty good about supporting her while she supports me in my negligence er, excitement!

I’ve also pinned a TON of resources onto my Olympics Pinterest Board, and you know my printer and laminator have been going non-stop for days.


Do you watch the Olympics? What are your plans for following the events for your country? Hit me up in the comments! I’d love to hear your perpective!


(The books are affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for using my links to support this blog! I really, honestly appreciate you!)


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