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Puppy Purse #ootd

Today was definitely a leggings and tee shirt kind of day! But THE BEST part of today was that my puppy purse came in the mail!

Puppy? What puppy? Did you hear that my husband got me a puppy? (And one for himself) Read about our surprise date HERE. Isn’t he just adorable? His name is Sgt. Pepper!


So, as soon as I brought him home I knew I wanted to get a puppy purse because I fully intend on being THAT lady. Yes, the one that refers to her puppy as her baby and carries him around everywhere she goes…Yes. That one.

I. Mean. Come. On!


I found this purse on Amazon! And it came with a long strap and a collapsible bowl. There’s even a leash attached inside! It’s made really durable, and I love the neutral pattern because it will go with everything! So, move over LV tote bag! This mama is carrying a DO DO PET! haha!



I like that it’s got a padded bottom on the inside for my furbaby and pockets on the outsides to hold treats and things. The zippered part also folds back and snaps into place so my baby can peek out when he wants to! The small and  medium are under 30$ and the large is under 40$!

So I wore it with my outfit today and tried to get him used to it around the house. He likes it best when it’s sitting and snuggles way down when I’m carrying it. I can’t wait to show my baby to everyone!



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