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Thinking Tree Review: Seven Amazing Continents


Did you know that we homeschool? This is our tenth year, and I’m still amazed at how much has changed since we started. One big change we made this year was to incorporate fun-schooling with these journals by The Thinking Tree.

I’ve talked about The Thinking Tree in these previous posts:

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Today, I’m going to tell you about the Seven Amazing Continents Journal !

We started this year with learning about the history of Africa, it’s people and their culture through Tapestry of Grace (Year 3). So I was delighted to see that Africa was the first continent in this journal! (Because, duh, alphabetical order! ha!)

Seven Amazing Continents takes you through every continent by exploring it’s world wonders! There are absolutely beautiful illustrations from various artists for every continent that your child will color, then they will research the information about that wonder on their own. My oldest uses google (he’s 14) and my younger three have used various books from the library, but we mostly use DK Eyewitness Books: Wonders of the World.

There is a title page for recording general information for each continent:


There is a map where you label the countries:

There are pages for your child to pick books and movies about/from that continent and write a review:

A page for researching animals:


There are also music pages where your child can search for music from each continent and then write about it.

My oldest is a man of few words! ha!

But, The Thinking Tree just recently produced a companion CD that has traditional music for each continent! It is downright delightful! Around the World in 14 Songs


Then, of course, there are the World Wonder pages:

This journal is easily adaptable for all grade levels. With my seven year old, I had her color each country a different color, and I read information to her and let her dictate to me what fact she likes the most.

My middle son also gets frustrated with trying to copy information so sometimes I allow him to dictate to me and we read the information together (each taking a turn reading).

My middle daughter will color for an hour but never get around to doing the research so I’ll read to her while she colors.

My oldest hates coloring so I have him focus more attention on drawing the wonder instead.

Benefits of this method:

  1. It gives them choices
  2. Allows them to take responsibility for their learning
  3. Gives their minds time to contemplate while they color
  4. Relaxing, no-pressure way to learn geography
  5. Teaches them research skills

And, my kids just love it. It’s a very calming part of our day.

That is, when my preschooler isn’t Godzilla-ing through our work space! Ha! If you end up trying out this journal, let me know! I’d love to know what you think and how you made it work for you!



5 thoughts on “Thinking Tree Review: Seven Amazing Continents

  1. Very interesting. I thought thinking tree was a graphic organizer. Now I get it!! Looks like great stuff. I create all of my own worksheets and graphic organizer to use with my students in the library and love doing it. We always do some kind of project so I guess my lessons involve project-based learning…the new buzz words in my school district.


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