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November Sentence a Day

This is my third month keeping track of our daily happenings by recording a sentence a day. Have you heard of this type of journaling? It's just the right amount of commitment for me since life is cray-cray up in this house. If you want to join us, link up with your Sentence a Day… Continue reading November Sentence a Day

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Gifts That Inspire: is a new (to me) company that I recently saw an ad for on Facebook. They make inspirational jewelry inscribed with a meaningful word or phrase that you can choose. From their website: What virtue do you want more of in your life? What is a challenge you want to overcome? What are you… Continue reading Gifts That Inspire:

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On My Wish List: Makeup, Beauty, and Self-Care

Throughout the course of self re-discovery, I've become a bit of a make-up junkie. It all started with my first ever beauty subscription with Ipsy. Every¬† month they send me deluxe samples for 10$ and I just love seeing what they send my way! See my recent post on my November Ipsy Glam Bag. Ipsy… Continue reading On My Wish List: Makeup, Beauty, and Self-Care

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Kids Cooking on Thanksgiving

Did Thanksgiving wizz on by for anybody else? I had such big plans of having the kids pick out something they wanted to make and let them cook it. But when the time came, all there was left for them to make were the rice crispy treats. Naturally, my little chef was the one who… Continue reading Kids Cooking on Thanksgiving

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Christmas Mini Bucket List

Ah, Christmas. I just LOVE this time of year! I always keep a running list in my head of things I'd like to do before the season is out, but I've never officially made it a bucket list until now! I'm linking up with a bunch of ladies to bring you 5 activities or traditions… Continue reading Christmas Mini Bucket List

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Gifts for Kids: S.T.E.M. Toys

I don't know about you, but my kids have some pretty strong personalities. And with those personalities, come some pretty distinct interests. In my family, I have five children: The Programmer, The Engineer, The Gymnast, The Chef, and The Adventurer. Like their Nerdy Father (Gift Guide for him HERE) they are so hard to shop… Continue reading Gifts for Kids: S.T.E.M. Toys

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The Thinking Tree is on Sale!

It's Black Friday weekend, and some of my favorite homeschooling books are on sale! My favorite Mom-Schooling Journal is only 12$ this weekend! If you're looking to see what Fun-Schooling is all about, this is the journal to get. It helps you wrap your mind around the concept through journal pages designed to get you… Continue reading The Thinking Tree is on Sale!