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December Sentence a Day

Have you ever heard of Sentence a Day journaling? It’s a super easy way of keeping track of day to day happenings without too much of a commitment. And at the end of the month, you have a pretty good keepsake of what your life was like!

This is my fourth month doing it, and I think I’m hooked! Sometimes it’s hard to remember to write anything down, and sometimes I want to write WAY more than just one sentence! ha! But I’m excited to see what this month brings! Here goes!


  • My son put up the Christmas lights! So it’s official! Merry Christmas!


  • Flew out with hubs to his office in San Jose! I’m not much of a flier. Poor hubs! But then we had In-n-Out burgers! YUM!


  • Stayed in my jammies and read a book ALL DAY LONG! It was a glorious break! Then we went to Fry’s and ate at a local Mexican restaurant. SO DELICIOUS!


  • Took a tour of the office today! He’s been with the company for almost 13 years and this is my first time being here! Then we went to the company Christmas party and had a TOTAL blast!



  • Flying back home today…all day…


  • Today begins our last week of school before Christmas break!
  • Today is our last day of co-op for 2017! We stayed for lunch: Taco Tuesday!
  • I kidnapped hubs and my mom today from work for coffee and a late lunch at a local coffee shop…NOT Starbucks!


  • A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y N-O-W-H-E-R-E to go today! I think I may just stay in my jammies!
  • Took the kids to look through the toy aisle at Walmart! They were SO excited!
  • SUCH a busy day! Two of the kids had Christmas parties today…at the SAME TIME! AH!
  • Went to the BEST Christmas house party I’ve EVER been to!


  • Going shopping with my Mom today! Super secret Christmas stuff!
  • Packing, packing, packing…
  • We closed on the house today!! AH! SO EXCITED! The kids really wanted to spend the night in their new house so we took enough over to camp out.


  • Today was moving day! So, of course it rained! ha! But we got two huge loads in, and will slowly bring more over until the weekend.
  • Today was hubs’ company’s Christmas party! They have an open house style party where people bring games and things to do and they had it catered by Olive Garden! So YUM!


  • My only plan today…SLEEPING IN
  • We had a bazillion people through  my house today! AH! CHAOS!
  • Hubs rented another truck today to bring over the rest of our boxes. And don’t you know there’s STILL MORE over there??
  • Today we had Christmas at my parents house and it was AMAZING!


  • Merry Christmas! I can’t believe we are celebrating our first Christmas in our new house! We will spend the evening with hubs’ family this evening!


  • Today is a jammy day for me. I plan to lay in bed reading…all day!
  • I finished my book It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and it was SOOO GOOD!
  • Getting off my duff today to unpack more boxes and hopefully get my kitchen put together!
  • Seems I’ve caught the cold my nephews had over the holidays, Boo! Was pretty much up all night, but this house isn’t going to clean itself!
  • Happy New Year’s Eve!!


Have you kept a Sentence a Day journal? Please link up with my bloggy friends and I so we can read your December Summary! I’ve been surprised at how fun these are to read! Link up below!


7 thoughts on “December Sentence a Day

  1. Parties parties parties! Dont you love December? Hope you are feeling better by now and have the move under control. I don’t envy you that. I do envy your reading time. I must make time for more.
    🙂 gwingal


  2. What a month!! So glad to read that you allowed yourself a few jammie/reading days. Most well deserved.

    Are you feeling settled in your new home yet? Glad you had these days off to work toward unpacking. We moved into our house mid-summer which gave me about six weeks before I had to go back to work to try to make the house our home.

    Love the joy in your children’s faces on Christmas morning. Your Christmas tees and sweaters are adorable. My SIL would love that Stars Wars one. So. Cute. And you are so cute in it.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful views from the plane. What stunning landscapes.

    Happy new year, babes! Hoping you’ve shown that cold who’s boss and are back to 110%.


  3. How exciting on your new home! Congrats!!!!
    Love you got to go along with the hubs on the trip – what a little fun adventure.
    The kiddos – that’s the JOY of Christmas on those faces!


  4. I’m with you – so addicted to Sentence a Day. It’s bullet journalling at its best. Congratulations on your new home & love those Christmas sweaters.


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