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2019 Mini-Christmas Bucket List

Can you believe Christmas is in just one month? I always feel like no matter how early I start preparing for the holidays, it always sneaks up on me somehow.

Well, here is a mini list of things I’d love to accomplish this season! One of which I’ve already started (HELLOOOO Hallmark!). What do you like to do during the holidays? Do you make bucket lists, or do you do things more spontaneously?

Succulent Sundays

  1. Hallmark Movie Premieres- I’ve already got a great start on this one since the movies started airing on Halloween night! NO, that’s not too early for me! Any time I can get into a good mood is a good time. I’ve watched 50/96 so far, and this week there will be a new one every night! Holla!
  2. Frozen 2- We’re taking the family to see Frozen 2 with a local homeschool group! The girls especially loved the first movie. I’m hoping the boys will cooperate when bribed with popcorn.
  3. Homemade Gingerbread Cookies- We did this ONE TIME several years ago and the kids are still talking about it! Since I’m feeling more up to it this year, I’m going to give this a try again!
  4. Christmas Trees at the Courthouse- Every year, my parents host a tree at the courthouse. They spend days decorating it, and then we all attend the Christmas tree lighting to see all the trees. This year, I’m loaning the kids out as helpers!
  5. Christmas Light Show- There is a house just around the corner from us that goes ALL OUT for Christmas and puts on a really great light show on their front lawn. They have scheduled times and everything and they even have a night where they give out cocoa to the kids.
  6. Outfit for Office Christmas Party- Last year my band played at the office Christmas party, this year I’m just attending. I don’t know why I’m stressing about it, but I am. I need to settle on an outfit for the party which will make me feel more prepared for all the peopling that will occur.
  7. Family Picture in Matching Jammies- I did this last year for the first time and it was hilarious. The kids faces were priceless because they HATED the jammies I picked out. This year, I even got jammies for hubs and I. The pictures should be fun!

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