Homeschool Review: The Thinking Tree


Did you guys know that we homeschool?  It is probably the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, but last year I suffered severe burnout. On the last day of school I walked out the door and haven’t been in our schoolroom since. But over the summer, I came across a new plublisher that will be a total game changer for us! I’m actually excited for this school year to start which is a huge change from last year!

Thinking Tree Books simplify the way we do homeschool and puts the children back in the driver’s seat of their education. They choose any topics they want to learn about, gather their own books, and do their own research using the prompts in the journals.

Here are a few of the journals we are planning to use this year!

1. Classical Fun-Schooling Literature & Poetry Collection Level B


This journal is a creative way to do language arts in your homeschool. It features a collection of poems and stories for your child to read and doodle on, along with excellent illustrations to color. Then there are journal prompts to take it deeper that ask your child how it makes them feel, what is the main point,  and illustration prompts.

When these journals came in, my daughters wanted to start on them right away!


They picked the poem about a kitten who got wings and my oldest daughter took her time with the coloring page and began talking about the poem!


I have to tell you, I was very surprised at the simplicity of this method and how effective it was! Through zero prompting of my own, my daughters jumped right in. I honestly don’t think that’s ever happened before!

This particular journal is for elementary grades, but they also have an early elementary book and an advanced book.

2. Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Study of Art & History: Picturing The Past


We are planning on using this journal to partially fulfill my high school son’s fine art requirement! So we haven’t used it yet. BUT! I was immediately impressed by the color reproductions of famous works of art! Look at this!


Each section focuses on one artist and gives a short biography. Then, there are several examples of their work. The child then does their own research on the artist and their artwork to fill in the prompts in the journal.


I love everything about this journal, and having gone to an art magnet program in high school, it’s important for me to teach these things to my kids. I can’t wait to dive into this!

3. Ages 3-7 Fun-schooling Journal


I picked this beginner journal for my youngest daughter. When it came in, she immediately started coloring some of the illustrations saying that she couldn’t wait to start! What’s amazing about this is, she is my sassy child who refuses to do anything unless it’s her idea. So I’m totally letting her think it’s her idea! Ha!


In this journal, she will pick four books she wants to read. We will read them together and then use the prompts in the journal to dig deeper. She can illustrate her favorite part in a book, draw the book covers, and pick a movie or documentary related to a topic in her books. There are also logic puzzles, writing and math time, and drawing prompts throughout to give them a variety of activities!


For more information, please visit the website or check these books out on Amazon! I am receiving a free journal in exchange for my honest review (because honestly, I LOVE them!), but I’m getting one FOR YOU TOO! Stay tuned for a Thinking Tree Giveaway coming to the blog soon!

Happy Homeschooling!

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