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365 Days of Happiness Challenge: Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie

Did you make a New Years Resolution? I didn’t because I already knew I’d never follow through with it. ha! How’s that for being pessimistic? I did, however, like this 365 Day Happiness Challenge posted by PopSugar!


It’s actually been fun to do, and since I already know that I’m not going to do this every day, I figure that will give me more ideas to choose from. I’m shooting for doing this challenge about three times a week.

Last week, I learned to cook a new recipe and it’s SO SIMPLE it will knock your socks off.

Are you ready?


Yes, that’s all. I found this crockpot seasoning packet at Walmart and knew I wanted to give it a try! Instead of sweet potatoes, I used large carrots. SO YUM! My husband hummed during dinner. The directions for the crust didn’t make barely anything so I made little balls and threw them in like chicken and dumplings! (Listen, I know this isn’t chicken and dumplings! My southern friends are rolling their eyes right now! ha!)


This was so crazy simple that I’m going to go back and look for other crockpot seasoning packets and give them a try too!

Have you cooked anything new recently? What little things are you doing that make you happy? Remember to do those things every now and then to refresh yourself. You deserve it!


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