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Homeschool Madness: The Space Race

In our homeschool, we've reached the era of the Space Race in the 1960's! The kids and I are really enjoying this portion of history and science! It's truly a fascinating and fun topic! We're using a variety of resources, and I thought I'd list them for you here! (For more ideas, check out my… Continue reading Homeschool Madness: The Space Race

Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, hey! It's been awhile! I thought I'd hop on here and tell you a little about what's been going on over here! I've really been trying to take better care of myself! I talked earlier about getting a treadmill and trying to do some running HERE. Well, I literally ran the treadmill into the… Continue reading Weekend Wrap-Up

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Weekend Wrap-Up

It's raining, it's pouring...I wish I was snoring! ha! Today is gloomy again after a lovely couple of days of sunshine and flower blooms. But, having lived in the Pacific Northwest, I can appreciate a good rainy day spent cozied up under a blanket reading my favorite book. And naps. Oh, I'd love to be… Continue reading Weekend Wrap-Up

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Real-Talk Wednesday: Winter Slump and What I’m Doing to Get Out of It

Anybody else just get tired and weary in the dead middle of winter? I realize now, that spring is right around the corner. But I've been in a total slump lately. And the funny thing is, that I never realize I'm in a slump until I'm almost out of it. But this time, I subconsciously… Continue reading Real-Talk Wednesday: Winter Slump and What I’m Doing to Get Out of It

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Real-Talk Wednesday: My Olympics Disclaimer

So, hey there! I'm gonna be real honest with you and say that I fully plan on being completely worthless for the duration of the Olympics! I Love The Olympics! I love watching the games, I love watching our team, I love the commercials, and the drama and everything there is about the Olympics! Do… Continue reading Real-Talk Wednesday: My Olympics Disclaimer

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Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey there! Just checking in after a lovely, wonderfully lazy weekend. I totally needed it! Most days I feel like a candle being burned from both ends. It's a happy candle, but being used up, nevertheless. Our schedule finally kicked into gear this week after a nice, long Christmas break and some lovely snow days.… Continue reading Weekend Wrap-Up

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The Thinking Tree is on Sale!

It's Black Friday weekend, and some of my favorite homeschooling books are on sale! My favorite Mom-Schooling Journal is only 12$ this weekend! If you're looking to see what Fun-Schooling is all about, this is the journal to get. It helps you wrap your mind around the concept through journal pages designed to get you… Continue reading The Thinking Tree is on Sale!