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Travel Capsule Wardrobe: 9 Outfits

So I just came back from a trip with the hubs to his company Christmas Party in San Jose! Without even realizing it, I had packed a capsule wardrobe for the occasion.


I love the idea of capsule wardrobes, where each piece works with almost all the other pieces to create multiple outfit combinations! I just could never pair down my personal wardrobe in order to do this all the time (I’m just too disorganized!).

We went to San Jose, which I mistakenly assumed would be warmer than back home. (Actually, it was technically warmer but I still froze my butt off. I forgot about coastal breezes! Brr!) But all in all, I loved the outfits I created with my capsule and could have created even more!

What I packed:

  1. Dark Wash Jeans (or black)
  2. Light Wash Jeans (I chose distressed)
  3. Tunic
  4. Striped top
  5. Jumpsuit for the Christmas party
  6. Striped hoodie
  7. Flannel top (instead of a jacket!)

To create a capsule, you should first determine what the weather will be like and what events you will be attending. I knew I’d be going to the company Christmas party, so I brought my dressy jumpsuit. I thought it’d be warmer, so I didn’t bother with scarves or jackets (though, I wish I had!). I did bring a hoodie instead of a jacket.

Next, you should pick the neutral color that will unify your capsule. I chose black this time. So all my pieces were black, black patterns, or colors that worked with black.

Lastly, I chose the pieces for the capsule using the 3-2-1 rule. (Three tops, two bottoms, one dress or jumpsuit) Make sure one of the tops has a pattern, one of the tops can be layered with another (like a button-up), and the other is a straight neutral. (I added an extra hoodie instead of a jacket) With the pants, I like to choose one dark wash and one light wash jean.

Then add any accessories you like, making sure they could be used to complete multiple outfits in your capsule. I guess this sounds complicated, but it gets easier and easier the more you try it! For shoes, I chose one solid, and one pattern that would mix well with the other patterns in the capsule.

Without further ado, I will show you the outfits I made with this capsule and the other outfits I could have made!

This is my travel day and, yes, Starbucks is an accessory! Especially when I travel! ha!

This is day two! After a full day of reading books in my jammies in the hotel room, hubs took me to the most delicious Mexican Restaurant!

Day three: Hubs took me to tour the San Jose office which I had never been to, even though he’s been with the company almost 13 years!

And that evening was the company Christmas party, which was SUPER fun! I actually didn’t know how fancy it would be, so I figured this jumpsuit would be a good middle of the road type outfit. And it was SO EASY and a NO FUSS type outfit which was perfect for me.

The other outfits I could have made with this capsule:


There are even a couple more combinations I thought of after creating these! But you definitely get the idea!

Have you ever tried traveling with a capsule wardrobe? I highly recommend it!


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