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A Bright New Day


Isn’t this beautiful?

Guys, I’ve been struggling! I’m not sure where this version of me came from, but it needs to go back. The fear and anxiety that runs through my head on a daily basis is crazy and it’s taking me with it!

And right when I decide to start something, whether here or for school or at home, I can never keep up with it. Boo. This really sucks.


I just spent a lovely Sunday traveling with my husband and daughter to watch my daughter compete in gymnastics. There were several times I swore I wasn’t going to make it.



(To be fair, I’ve been told that I’ve never traveled well.)


She did awesome! It was such a good feeling to push myself through something I thought I couldn’t do. I am so happy that I was there for her last meet of the season! AND she took home the first place medal in All-Around!

And then I woke up today with this view!
(Looks like my puppy likes it too!)

Maybe this is my turning point! Or maybe not. But I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Have a sunny day!

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