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One Hundred and Twenty-Eight


It was especially hard to get up for Barre this morning, and it turned out that I was the only one there so it must have been the same for everyone else, too.

I try to hit the 6am class about three times a week and so far, I’ve been very consistent!

I’m not a morning person by a LONG shot so it’s as big a surprise to me as anybody that I can even function at the 6am class. But I’ve reasoned that at least the 6am is only inconvenient to me since everyone else is still asleep and they still are when I come back home.

But I took a look at the app and it says I’ve now taken 128 classes! Whhhaattt?


So I guess this is what consistency looks like? Ha, I honestly wouldn’t know as I’ve not stuck to anything this long except my marriage and homeschooling.

And then there’s this…


A completely unexpected benefit is that I get to watch the sunrise three times a week. I think this does as much for my soul as the class does.

And then, since everyone is still asleep, I slip back into bed and get to sleep another hour or two. Because, balance.


One thought on “One Hundred and Twenty-Eight

  1. Have been out of the blogging loop for a couple of weeks and have fallen so behind on my reading and writing!! Waaaa! Trying to catch up now.
    PC and I used to meet (before we married) at the gym at 6:00 am, I think it was. I really prefer exercising first thing in the morning because then it is done. When we are tired and feeling lazy after work, neither of us wants to go to the gym. And bonus…getting to see those beautiful sunsets. Proud of you!


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