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Real-Talk Wednesday: Winter Slump and What I’m Doing to Get Out of It


Anybody else just get tired and weary in the dead middle of winter? I realize now, that spring is right around the corner. But I’ve been in a total slump lately. And the funny thing is, that I never realize I’m in a slump until I’m almost out of it. But this time, I subconsciously did some things that pulled myself out and I thought I’d share.

  1. Read a new book- I read a couple books before school started up for us in January and it was just golden. Then… I just didn’t have time. But I was walking around Target a couple weeks ago and I wandered into the book section and picked one up. It was SO GREAT to get reading again.
  2. A change of pace- We’re homeschoolers and it’s a well known fact that homeschoolers tend to get into a slump right around February. In our case, our math had suddenly become insurmountable and was the dreaded subject I mean, more than it usually is! ha! So, I put the math books down and ordered some Thinking Tree Journals instead and the kids have been eating them up! (I’ve written about them a bunch, HERE)
  3. Start a new fitness plan- You guys, I ordered myself a treadmill. If you knew me in real life, you’d know this is huge. But I just couldn’t take being stuck inside with all this finicky weather going on. I’m not the type to join a gym. I’ve even got free classes waiting at the Neighborhood Barre center here in town… that I’ve had for over a year and never used. It’s just not going to happen with our busy schedule. But I just felt the overwhelming urge to MOVE and so I’m going to start doing just that.
  4. Take your vitamins- This is so funny, but I’ve never ever been good at taking vitamins. I read somewhere they don’t do much good for you anyway. Well, I call B.S on that because I recently picked up some gummy vitamins (yes, I’m a big baby) and I’ve noticed a huge difference.

So, how did I know that I had fallen into a winter slump?? Well, for starters, it’s winter. My mom has said that I have always gotten this way, even as a little kid. Also, I realized that I hadn’t been shopping in WEEKS. Online shopping doesn’t count, does it? ha! But even the online shopping has slowed to a minimum. Which my husband is NOT upset about. When the Olympics came on, I realized that this was the first time in a while that I’d been genuinely excited about something. I haven’t played music in months. I haven’t had the urge to cook something magnificent in my new kitchen. And there are still packed boxes sitting all over my bedroom. Boxes filled with all my clothes and accessories and everything to set up my bedroom. In short, I know I’m in a slump when I no longer feel like doing any of the things that I love.

The neat thing is, I’ve been doing the 365 Day Happiness Challenge by PopSugar and it’s really been helping me! So far this year, I’ve grown things, tried new recipes, taken luxurious baths, and gotten a new puppy. It’s really been a fun little challenge. Read my first post HERE and maybe you’ll want to join me!


Have you felt unmotivated and sluggish and just not yourself lately? Winter Slump is real! What are some ways you pull yourself out and get yourself back to normal? I’d love some more help in this area.


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