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Real-Talk Wednesday: My Episode of Hoarders


So, I’ve been going through a huge closet purge this summer because it started looking like an episode of Hoarders. It feels so great! But is so extremely painful. ha!

I’m one of those people that attach feelings and memories to things. Basically, I’m a functioning hoarder. (I still have 30 bins of baby clothes…and we’re done having babies! And, oh the feels attached to those!)

But once we moved into our bigger house, I assumed my bigger closet was going to be PLENTY big enough for all my stuff. Yeah…NOPE.

This is my bathroom with all the stuff that I couldn’t…stuff into my closet and drawers:



Getting rid of things for me is a huge process. With clothes, I have to try them all on and see if it fits me right and if I still like it. I can’t just look at it like a normal person and make a quick decision. (Oh, me and decisions…another story for another day.) It’s like a workout, really. By the time I’ve tried a million things on, all I want to do is take a nap.

BUT! As of this posting, I’m half way through my closet purge and just look at my pile I’m getting rid of!

The bin, the box, AND the pile!

I’ve been through my pants, jeans, skirts, and shorts. I sort of went through my sweaters. (Need to revisit that.) And I definitely need to go back through my closet. There are purses in there that I haven’t used since my 15 year old was like 3. But I think I’ve got a good start! And now I can finally get to my bathtub!


What about you? How do you keep your closet manageable? Do you have a system of getting rid of things you may or may not have an emotional attachment to?


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One thought on “Real-Talk Wednesday: My Episode of Hoarders

  1. Nice motivational post. We had to scramble to get ready for Thanksgiving guests and boy was it work even with everyone helping.
    Great job clearing out! I too hate to let go, thinking Ill use it, or not wanting to admit so much of life has gone by already. It is emotional but oh so satisfying when you have elbow room!
    And in that first photo I didnt even see a tub!😊


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