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Home Decor for Fall 2021

During the Christmas season, my house is decked. I look forward to decorating for the holidays so much and it’s always so hard to take it down afterwards mostly because my house is so empty once I do.

This summer, I decided to pick out some home decor that could stay up all year long. Like I told my family: it’s almost like we live here now.

The hardest part was settling on a design style because I like a lot of things. But then I realized that too is a style: eclectic. I like that. It sounds so intentional, like my house is a hot mess on purpose! Ha!

Anyway, I’m no designer, but here are some things we picked that I absolutely love. (The color yellow being the sleeper hit!)

Floating shelves // hanging plant // Gold curtains // white curtains // Curtain rod // Wreath // shoe organizer
Bath mat // Seagrass tray // Faux succulents // Curtain rod // Tulip baskets: Large Small // Candle // Wooden tray // Faux plant
Tray basket // Doormat // Vase // Throw blanket // Outdoor rug // Large basket

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One thought on “Home Decor for Fall 2021

  1. I have never given yellow much thought because years ago my mama told me I looked positively sea sick wearing it!! But I have decided – at 63 – that I like yellow and gold and I am wearing it, adding it to my home, embracing it everywhere. Love those drapes. They look amazing on your windows. And all the textures and patterns in your accessory pieces are terrific. Your space looks very warm and inviting.

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