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100 Ways to Treat Yourself


It’s hard to make time for, yet super important so you can keep chugging along. It’s kind of a catch-22: You don’t have time for it, but if you don’t make time, you’ll wear yourself out and won’t BE ABLE to do anything else.

It’s kind of a Treat Yo’self thing I think:


I mean, right?

The following is a list of ways to treat yourself. I like the free or nearly free options myself, but sometimes it’s okay to spend on yourself.

  1. Take a bath
  2. At-home manicure/pedicure
  3. Put on your favorite music while you cook dinner
  4. Pick out a book to read after the kids are in bed
  5. Adult coloring book
  6. Start a thankful journal
  7. Put lotion and fuzzy socks on your feet before bed
  8. Sneak out for your favorite holiday drink
  9. Plan out a cute outfit for the next day
  10. Take an extra 20 minutes to do something special with your hair
  11. Try out a new eyeshadow palette
  12. Meet a girlfriend for lunch
  13. Go window-shopping
  14. Try a relaxation app like Head Space or Calm
  15. Ask yourself what you want in life and start writing down the steps to get there
  16. Drink more water
  17. Sing in the shower
  18. Carry a sketchbook in your purse to doodle in while you wait
  19. Take an evening walk around your neighborhood
  20. Jump on the trampoline with your kids
  21. Try a new fragrance
  22. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes
  23. Join an exercise class
  24. Put essential oils in the diffuser
  25. Get dressed up for no reason
  26. Try a new recipe
  27. Binge watch your favorite T.V series (Friends is my favorite)
  28. Take a walk on the beach (I wish I lived near!)
  29. Hike a trail
  30. Gather flower petals and press them in a book
  31. Make a vision board
  32. Wear those glitzy earrings!
  33. Try a new shade of lipstick
  34. Subscribe to a beauty box (Ipsy is only 10$)
  35. Grab a gossip magazine and have a good laugh at the articles
  36. Buy yourself some flowers
  37. Burn a fragrant candle
  38. Learn to play an instrument
  39. Follow a funny Blogger/Vlogger (like Tiffany at Juggling the Jenkins!)
  40. Go thrifting or hit a yard sale
  41. Pull out the seasonal decorations and decorate a special spot in your home or office
  42. Make a bucket list
  43. Start a blog or an Instagram account
  44. Keep a stash of your favorite chocolate
  45. Get a haircut or a blow out
  46. Get a free facial or makeover at a makeup counter
  47. Subscribe to a Sirius XM channel (I have the Beatles channel! It’s awesome!)
  48. Get some supplements at a natural foods store
  49. Buy a planner and organize your week ahead of time
  50. Get in the family photo instead of always being the one taking the photo
  51. Enjoy an evening in by the fireplace
  52. Get the kids babysat and have a staycation
  53. Get that bottle of wine
  54. Stop and smell some flowers
  55. Get a bird feeder to put outside your window and watch the birds
  56. Ask yourself what makes you happy and schedule time to do it
  57. Take your dog to the dog park
  58. Have a sleep-in day
  59. Buy new razors/loofah/body wash and enjoy your new smooth legs
  60. Burn incense
  61. Get a biography on your favorite artist or musician
  62. Sit on your back porch and watch the leaves fall
  63. Watch a cheesy romantic comedy
  64. Play an old school video game
  65. Play in the rain
  66. Start a figurine collection
  67. Go for a run
  68. Go to a Mom’s Night Out
  69. Drink a hot cup of tea
  70. Visit a Farmer’s Market and get some local produce
  71. Walk around downtown and explore the shops
  72. Go out to listen to some live music
  73. Do some rock painting and look for some around town
  74. Try a new restaurant
  75. Go to a crafting night at church or the community center
  76. Play laser tag or paint ball with your spouse
  77. Get an essential oil diffuser for your car
  78. Look through an old photo album
  79. Visit a relative
  80. Talk to an old friend
  81. Start a genealogy
  82. Listen to a podcast or a book on tape during your commute
  83. Get some fuzzy slippers and a robe
  84. Buy a new pair of sunnies
  85. Do a moisturizing treatment on your hair
  86. Do some stretching or Yoga exercises before you start your day
  87. Explore your faith with a daily devotional
  88. Netflix and chill
  89. Snuggle under a fuzzy blanket
  90. Watch the sunset/sunrise
  91. Have a movie night at home
  92. Enjoy a mixed drink
  93. Get a foot massage in those chairs at the mall
  94. Try some amateur photography
  95. Do a puzzle
  96. Learn how to sew or knit
  97. Walk through the book store and see all the new releases
  98. Try some volunteer work (There’s joy in giving back)
  99. Go on a roller-skate date
  100. Try a new clothing trend just because


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