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My Teacher’s Desk: Homeschool Mom Edition

Diffuser // Essential Oils // Faux Plant

Remember the days of setting up a computer on a folding table and calling that your “office” area? Just me?

Homeschool moms need a functional yet inspiring workspace just like everyone else but we’re often the last to get those upgrades.

This year I was determined to make my workspace a little more fun with these accessories!

Chair // Faux plant // Essential Oils // Diffuser // Mouse pad // Clock

And then, of course, I bought some items to help me be more organized. Fingers crossed I can turn over a new leaf and keep it up all year!

Coffee mug // Monitor stand // Paper sorter // Fun pens // Keyboard and Mouse // Drawer organizer

How do you maintain inspiration in your workspace? Are there any organizing tips you swear by? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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