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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: For the Kids

Well, it’s that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale really is kind of a big deal. The way I see it, this is our chance to get things we wouldn’t normally be able to buy at a normal person’s price.

Now, last year I went cray cray during the sale and took me all year to pay it off (oops!). This year, I only replaced things I grew out of, got some more exercise clothes, and then added a couple trendy items. (A post on those later!) But I also found some cute things for the kids!

This is what I ended up snagging for my cat-loving daughter:


Jacket // Tee // Skirt // dress

See how she loves this outfit??


And she didn’t want to take the dress off at all!


And even though it’s blazing hot outside, she insists on wearing the jacket inside the house.


This is what I got my gymnast daughter:


Jacket // Dress // Shorts // Shorts // Leggings

So far, she’s only worn the jacket tied around her waist because it’s so crazy hot outside (pic above). But she absolutely loves everything and can’t wait to wear it to gym!

And this is what I picked up for my teen boys:


Nike shoes // Vans shoes // Nike pants // Adidas pants // Adidas hoodie // Adidas tee // Adidas shorts

The pants I bought for my 13 year old actually fit my 16 year old. I forgot that Adidas runs big, so the pants and shorts actually fit my 16 year old. Which suited my 13 year old just fine because he didn’t care for the tight ankles in the pants or the sweatshirt material of the shorts. Can’t win them all!

Are you shopping the sale this year?
Let me know what deals you snagged in the comments below!


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