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March Sentence a Day

March was such a weird and busy month for me! Sit back and enjoy reading about it in this month’s edition of Sentence a Day!


Have you heard about this type of journaling? It’s very easy to keep up with since it’s only a single sentence each day. By the end of the month, you have a neat little snapshot of what life was like! If you’d like to join us, link up at the link at the bottom of this page!

So without further ado:

Woke up with a migraine that meds can’t touch. So that’s always fun.

Daughter had a gymnastics competition today! She placed second overall!


Took the kids grocery shopping today…WOWZA!! No pictures, but tons of coffee was consumed! ha!

Hubs leaves for a week long trip today…send reinforcements!!!

Today was the craziest day ever- whatever could go wrong, did!

One of the puppies who is a serial pooper learned how to use the puppy pad today! It was also the busiest day of our week and I SURVIVED!

My oldest started training for a job today!!

Fought with  my teen today. SO NOT FUN! Especially when hubs isn’t here to back me up!

My washing machine died last night (like, there was smoke billowing into the hallway) and my heater died this morning! I probably shouldn’t ask what else could go wrong.

Hubs comes home today THANK GOD! I’ve been a chaos coordinator all week!


Hubs let me sleep in today! Sooooo glad he’s home! (washing machine and heater are both mysteriously working again???)

Hubs had a super busy day at work today so we brought him lunch and coffee.

Everyone is on spring break except us (#homeschoolwoes) so we only had co-op today. Today was almost…easy?

We. Got. To. Stay. Home. All. Day. Today!!

Girls had their very first sleep over in our new house!

Took the kids volunteering today! They did so great and our group repackaged the entire container of cereal and filled up two pallets with cereal boxes!


Had an awesome family dinner for St. Pats and then watched Thor Ragnarok on hub’s big screen.


Took the family out for the day. It was nice to shop for a new sub-woofer and check out all the new tech at Best Buy. Hubs bought me a Super Nintendo and I beat all the kids at Street Fighter! Street Cred!

Wearing the easiest Monday outfit ever!


Had a hard morning and already two of my kids are grounded. Also had it out with the co-op director about a couple of my kids and feel like I got run over. Need all the coffee!

Today is the second day of training for my oldest at his new job! Officially signed up the younger kids for a homeschool fitness class at the gym. Now my middle son decides he doesn’t want to do it. Aurg!


Traveled out to my daughter’s gymnastics competition almost 4 hours away! It was great to chat with hubs the whole way, though.

My daughter competed in State gymnastics today and did fantastic! She didn’t make the state team but is still going to regionals in April!


Took my son and a ton of his friends to a trampoline park for his birthday! I.AM.WORN.OUT.


Stayed in my jammies ALL DAY! HURRAY!

And that’s about it! If you’d like to join us, it’s not too late! Start writing down a sentence each day in April (or the days that you remember!) and link up with us next month! And be sure to check out the other posts at the link up below!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “March Sentence a Day

  1. Baby girl, your March sounds like a tough month in parenting. Why is it that appliances break down the minute our hubs drive out of the driveway for a business trip? I had shingles blow off last week and had to arrange for roof repair while my PC is working in Germany. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

    Hope things have turned around for you this month. Hang in there, girl!! XO


  2. I so admire anyone that homeschools their children – I know I couldn’t do it – I do NOT have the patience! Your month was definitely full on – here’s hoping April may be a little more relaxing.


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