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Velvet Pleated Skirt and Graphic Tee #ootd

I posted this SUPER CUTE outfit on Instagram earlier today and I couldn’t wait to share more details about it!


Tee:Amazon| Flats: Old Navy|Purse: Walmart (yes, really!)(Similar) |Necklace: Purple Peridot (Similar)

This skirt is a Target find, ladies! I was walking through Target one day with only one thing to get on my list, when a heavenly light shone down upon this skirt and I knew that it was coming home with me. ha! It’s extremely affordable as far as velvet pleated skirts go, at only 22$!

Here is another pleated skirt I’ve had my eye on that’s from Target, but I wasn’t sure how it would fit into my wardrobe at this moment. Anything to delicate and frilly just doesn’t get worn around here. I’ve heard SUCH great things about it though, so I may just go for it. (It’s on sale for 18$ right now!

Do any of you have a pleated skirt in your wardrobe? How have you worn it?


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