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It’s Officially Hat Weather #ootd

The weather cooled WAAAYYY down and we finally got some SNOW! Nobody else I know around here wanted snow, but my kids and I were so excited! There's just something magical about playing in it and watching it fall! But it didn't look like we'd get any even though it kept getting so cold! Here… Continue reading It’s Officially Hat Weather #ootd

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My Graphic Tee Obsession #ootd

Over the course of posting outfit pics on my Instagram account (give me a follow and I will follow you back!), I've come to realize that I own a TON of graphic Tees! I guess I never realized it until someone commented that I had a bunch. But I do love me some tees! You can… Continue reading My Graphic Tee Obsession #ootd

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Mustard and Grey #ootd

Just popping in here to show you this cute outfit I wore this last week! It was inspired by an Instagram style challenge by Jamie (@jro1583) called #pinningspinningbesties. She posts weekly pins for people to spin and this one was just so cute, I couldn't resist. The pin: My Spin: Top: Loft Not the same but… Continue reading Mustard and Grey #ootd

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Retro Style: The Poncho #ootd

Do you remember the poncho's from the 70's? I LOVE them. I would snatch any of these up in a heartbeat. And the cool part of fashion right now is that a lot of retro styles are back! (Belled sleeves and Bell bottoms, anyone?) This is great news for thrifters because, if you keep your… Continue reading Retro Style: The Poncho #ootd

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LuLaRoe on Repeat and How To Add a Pop of Color #ootd

Seriously, there's nothing this little tunic can't do. Of course, I keep wearing it over leggings or skinnies because it's just so easy! I've recently posted outfits featuring an Irma tunic HERE and HERE and I've got zero shame in posting another! Irma Tunic: LuLaRoe (LuLaRoe Carol Campbell)| Cardigan: Loft (Similar)|Skinnies: Kut By The Kloth… Continue reading LuLaRoe on Repeat and How To Add a Pop of Color #ootd

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I’m So Basic #ootd

I think the only thing that would have made this more basic is a Starbucks! ha! But seriously, this outfit was so easy and I think it's become my new go-to. Boots: Amazon (Similar)| Tunic: LuLaRoe (My Dealer)| Jeggings: Walmart (Similar)|Jean Jacket: Levi's (Similar)| Fringe Purse: Walmart (Similar)|Fringe Scarf: Gifted (Similar Only 8$!) What's your… Continue reading I’m So Basic #ootd

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Perforated Booties #ootd

Here is the first non-Christmas outfit I've worn at my new house! Hurray! I think it's appropriate that I basically went with the mom uniform skinnies+tunic+booties with a bomber jacket as the completer piece. I liked adding that bit of edge to an otherwise feminine outfit. Jeans: Express (Similar)|Tunic: Old (Similar)|Booties: Lucky Brand (See options… Continue reading Perforated Booties #ootd

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Long Time, No Blog! Embroidered Jeans #ootd

Hey there! It's been a minute since I've made a blog post; mainly because we moved into our NEW HOUSE!! Ah! I absolutely love this place. But it's been absolutely crazy and unpredictable around here, almost like...well, almost like we're moving or something! ha! But I wanted to get back to letting you know where… Continue reading Long Time, No Blog! Embroidered Jeans #ootd

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Christmas Party #ootd

This year, hubs took me with him on a trip out to California for his company's annual Christmas party! I can't even tell you how long (if ever) it's been since I've been to a proper Christmas party. I decided to go simple with my outfit since they are all tech nerds and I doubted… Continue reading Christmas Party #ootd

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Double Hoodie #ootd

This suuuuper cute hoodie from Mindy Mae's Market has been on my list for quite a while now! I finally decided to just go ahead and get it a couple months ago. Hoodie: Mindy Mae's Market| Puffer Vest: Thrifted (similar)| Leggings: Walmart (similar)| Boots: Thredup (similar) Everything here was thrifted or found for very cheap… Continue reading Double Hoodie #ootd