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Fall Bucket List Update #2

You can read about my Fall Bucket List HERE and my first update HERE. But for quick reference, my bucket list is as follows: So here are the items I've completed: Pumpkin Carving Party Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins Fall Festival Pokemon Go Fall Decorating We did have a nice Saturday breakfast as a family courtesy of… Continue reading Fall Bucket List Update #2

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4 (Easy!) Thanksgiving Outfits for The Cook

There are so so many cute outfits ideas for Thanksgiving on Pinterest! But since I'll be cooking this year and since the kids will be helping me, I know I've got to wear something that I won't cry about if it gets messy. (Plus, who are we kidding, I need some elastic, baby, for all… Continue reading 4 (Easy!) Thanksgiving Outfits for The Cook

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Fall and Hunter Boots #ootd

There was a huge, and I mean HUGE, rain storm earlier this week that flooded all the local parks. It was crazy. BUT. The next day, we saw that the leaves had been knocked down and they made such a lovely landscape. With all the rain, you know I had to wear my Hunter Boots!… Continue reading Fall and Hunter Boots #ootd

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Super Cute Thanksgiving Tees!

I wanted to share with you these SUPER CUTE tees that I found (and some that I ordered!) the other day that I think are PERFECT for Thanksgiving! My Dad and I always have the wishbone battle after Thanksgiving dinner (Last year I WON!) so I thought it'd be fun if the winner gets to… Continue reading Super Cute Thanksgiving Tees!

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Real Talk Wednesday

It's been a couple weeks since I've done a Real Talk Wednesday! But I figured the week of the time change would be the perfect time. Because My. Kids. Are. Cray! What is it about the time change that make kids act like deranged lunatics? And did I mention that we school at home? On… Continue reading Real Talk Wednesday

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Pokemon Go & Our Fall Bucket List

We knocked another thing off our bucket list this week with a little Pokemon Go excursion. It was kind of spur of the moment, but I fueled up with some coffee and we spend a good four hours driving and exploring around town. I only got pictures of us in the car before and after… Continue reading Pokemon Go & Our Fall Bucket List

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Holiday Gifts for Nerds

My husband is the hardest person to shop for because he's nerdy techy and I am NOT. Holiday gift guides never include things that he'd like. One time, I was at the mall and a salesman tried to convince me that my husband would love to have something to keep his hands soft. HA! This… Continue reading Holiday Gifts for Nerds

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October Sentence a Day

Hello again! Have you heard of this neat way of journaling before? Writing one sentence about each day is a quick little way to keep track of my crazy, hectic life...when I remember to do it! I've decided to try preserving Grandma's funeral flowers with the hopes of making some kind of keepsake for the… Continue reading October Sentence a Day

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Pumpkin Carving Party!

You know how you have big plans in your head and then, suddenly, Halloween is tomorrow and you haven't done any of it yet?? Just me? Well, I had plans to make this a bigger deal, but the kids didn't even notice (isn't that the way?) and had a blast carving pumpkins last night! We… Continue reading Pumpkin Carving Party!

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Not Your Daddy’s Sweater Vest #ootd

Remember those sweater vests our dads all wore in the 80's? But if Paul McCartney rocked one, you can hardly blame our dads for doing it too! Amiright? Besides, MY dad made this look GOOD! For my first real "fallish" outfit, I found inspiration on Instagram, of course! I went neutral with this SUPER cute… Continue reading Not Your Daddy’s Sweater Vest #ootd