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Ageless Style Link-up: Sporty

Welcome to our Ageless Style Link-up! Be sure to add your links below and check out our hosts today: Amy ~ Amy’s Creative Pursuits Blog | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook | Cammi ~ My Happy Place Blog | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook | Carrie ~ A Simple Lovely Life Blog | Instagram |… Continue reading Ageless Style Link-up: Sporty

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My Rock Bottom: The Turkey Poop Pants

You know how life can feel like a train running downhill? Or, as I like to put it, life smacks you on the back of the head on the way by! Ha! So having kids is a lot like that. You start with one, and next thing you know, you've got five and you don't… Continue reading My Rock Bottom: The Turkey Poop Pants

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No Delusions of Grandeur

Hey ladies! I wanted to explain to you more about this blog that I started the beginning of August. I super duper appreciate your support during my start up, and your patience while I continue to figure out this whole blogging thing. So, why did I call this blog, No Delusions of Grandeur? First, let… Continue reading No Delusions of Grandeur

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My Mom was Body-Positive Before it was Cool

My mom has rock solid confidence! And it's not just in herself. She is a firm believer in Dad and I. Hard core and sold out! As far back as I can remember, she has flashed her "Yeah, and proud of it" look. Wherever she went. Through everything she did. Even when, as a self-conscious teen,… Continue reading My Mom was Body-Positive Before it was Cool