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Ageless Style Link-up: Double Duty

Welcome to another Ageless Style Link-up! Be sure to join us with us our links below! I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing!

Welcome to Ageless Style!

So do you ever have pieces in your closet you only wear one way?

Or do you hold back from buying pieces you love because there’s that not one way you can think of to wear it?

This month’s Ageless Style Link-up addresses just that! Each lady took a piece in their closet and styled it two ways making it work Double Duty. Be sure to check out the entries below to get ideas for your own closet!

I’ve always been known for my nonchalant personal style (well, we ALL went through a vain stage in high school, though, didn’t we?). I never really had time to think about how I looked or what fit my body correctly until I started joining Instagram style challenges years ago.

I was on a roll (I thought) and then the pandemic hit. The lure of stretchy pants and leggings was too strong.

Now that life is beginning to return to normal, I kind of don’t want to give them up! So, for this month’s Ageless Style, I’m jumping on the athleisure trend and showing you two ways to wear joggers in public.

We’re all familiar with the sweatpants + husband’s tshirt + no bra + messy bun outfit we wear on the weekends. (Don’t lie!)

Here are two ways to wear those joggers and look like you MEANT to leave the house.

This first look is one degree separated from our favorite weekend look with three important differences: undergarments, shoes, and a third layer.

Tee option option // Joggers option option option // Birkenstocks // Plaid shirt option

I don’t need to tell you the benefits of properly fitting undergarments, and I don’t need to remind you that you MUST wear shoes in public. But the benefit of the third layer (in this case, plaid shirt tied around the waist) is that it will add structure to an otherwise stretchy pants outfit and will add intentionality. This isn’t an accident. You actually are this cool, calm, and relaxed. It’s a whole vibe.

The second look is strongly related to the first, with a few important differences: plain white tee, denim jacket, and wedge sneakers.

White tee // Joggers option option option // Denim Jacket option // Wedge sneakers option option

Okay, let’s start with the white tee. It’s neutral. It’s a canvas. It doesn’t draw any attention and allows the color of the joggers to pop.

The denim jacket is that classic third layer that never goes out of style, but is also a neutral, allowing the joggers to pop.

The wedge sneakers will do similar favors that a good pair of heels will do but are much more comfortable. Heels will elongate your legs giving the overall impression of looking taller but so do wedge sneakers (And since these joggers are cropped, I am in danger of looking like an extra for The Hobbit)

Heels (and wedge sneakers) also have the magical ability to make your legs and rear look amazing. No pictures; you’re just going to have to trust me. (Random internet search to support my claims HERE)

Please join our Ageless Style link-up below! I can’t wait to be inspired by your great style!

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3 thoughts on “Ageless Style Link-up: Double Duty

  1. I guess I need to pick up my search again for a pair of wedge tennies. Sure like yours and the cute ways you styled those joggers. I have black and olive joggers but just feel uncomfortable wearing them. Everyone else wears them so well. Need to try again. Maybe paired with the wedge tennies I will feel like a winner!!


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