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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

It’s that time of year again! I look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale every year and 2020 is no exception!

My approach has changed this year, however, with this year being so awful for so many and with money being tighter. I always recommend things that I would 100% buy and wear myself.

But this year I’m keeping it under 50$ AND I’m mostly recommending things I already have and love! Sometimes it’s good to splurge on a few things you know will last, and sometimes you have to keep it at a minimum. I believe this is that year.

I will also be adding to this post as the sale continues so you can find these deals in one spot! So, stay tuned!

Early Access begins TODAY! They are doing a staggered early access based on your card status this year so the dates are as follows:
Icon Early Access: August 4-18
Ambassador Early Access: August 7-18
Influencer Early Access: August 10-18
Insider Early Access: August 13-18

If you don’t have early access yet, no worries! I recommend putting the things you love in your wishlist so that when you do have access, you can put it right in your cart and get it before it sells out.

With that said, let’s get to it!

When I shop the sale, there are a few brands I always look for.

Zella! If you’re working out on a regular basis, your workout clothes will need a refresh about once a year. I love Zella’s leggings because they are always opaque and they always stay up! The sports bras and tops are great too! Highly recommend!

Floral sports bra // Floral Leggings // Tank top // Pink sports bra // Pink leggings // Grey sports bra // Grey joggers Not Shown: Dark Pink Leggings

These black leggings by Zella are my favorites! They are squat-proof and are never see through. This year, they’ve got a few different lengths and materials available as well as Plus sizes all under 50$!

L-R top: One // Two // Three
L-R bottom: One // Two // Three

Free People & FP Movement! Since this is a pretty pricey brand, I can really only get it on sale. This year, there are several pieces under 50$! They are another favorite of mine for workout clothes. I especially love their tie-dye tops!

Blue hoodie // Blue joggers // Love tank // Tie-dye Love tank // Leggings // Bralette // Jeans

Madewell! This brand features classic pieces with subtle details that give outfits a little something extra. I have found the quality of their pieces to be excellent, but this brand can get pretty pricey. I like to snag a piece or two during this sale.

Sweater // Earrings // Shoes // Scarf // Necklace

So, this sale is a good way to update your accessories and beauty products, too. I will usually snag a new scarf, earrings, or a hat. Depending on what needs updating in my closet. Last year I discovered these makeup brush sets and they are pretty great quality. They’d make a good Christmas gift too. I also tried this perfume last year and it’s by far my favorite! There are a couple of different scents in the sale, but this set is the best, in my opinion.

Top L-R: Scarf // Earrings // Makeup Brushes 1 //
Middle L-R: Makeup Brushes 2 // Hat // Socks //
Bottom L-R: Perfume Set // Leopard Flats // Spanx (Plus)

The following items are things I have that are also available in plus size! First, of all, I want to talk about these leggings. I’ve had mine for a couple years now and they are AWESOME. The material washes and wears well, it’s got a high waist, and they are squat proof! No see through booty shots! This sale is a good opportunity to update any worn out cardigans for the fall and replace tshirts. Although, I will say my tshirts from this brand have lasted quite well.

Top L-R: Color -Block Cardigan // Camo Tee // Duster Cardigan //
Bottom L-R: Camo Pants // BEST LEGGINGS EVER // Floral Tank

Basic pieces to refresh your wardrobe! These have updated colors and cuts that are worth giving a try.

Top L-R: Pink Duster // Gray Tunic Sweater // Striped Sweater //
Bottom L-R: Leopard Tank // Camo Pants // Leggings

More basic pieces! These will mix and match to create lots of outfits. The gray blazer is soft and literally goes with everything. I love to wear it with a tee and jeans to elevate my look as I’m going out the door! I love this year’s olive jacket too.

Top L-R: Olive Jacket // Stripe tee // Blazer //
Bottom L-R: Gray Denim // Floral Tank // Olive Skirt

This plaid shirt is super soft and drapes really well! I usually try to grab some patterned tops every year to add a little zest to my outfits and every girl needs a leopard skirt and comfy joggers in their lives.

Top L-R: Light Pink Duster // Plaid Shirt // Polka Dot Tank //
Bottom L-R: Leopard Skirt // Olive Joggers // Striped Tunic

There are so many great pieces this year! More to come! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

  1. Love the Free People criss cross top. So cute. One of my summer goals is to get fit enough to wear a midriff top to work out in. I would probably wear a jacket with it but PC really wanted me to do this. HOWEVER, I have been eating and not working out at all lately. I have to get back on track.


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