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How I Organized My Scarves

If you’ve been following me on Insta, you will have read that I’ve been doing a major closet clean out. I’ve been thinning out items that are now too big (thanks self-care!), things that never did fit well, and items I haven’t worn in a long while. (I will be listing some great things on Poshmark soon! Stay tuned!)

In the course of going through everything, I found a bunch of scarves that I haven’t seen in over a year! Totally ridiculous! So, I cleared  bunch out, and then researched some ways to organize the ones I’m keeping.


My inspiration ultimately came from the towel bar in my bathroom! I like the layered bars and that the one on the bottom comes out further so that the scarves won’t be stuffed behind there.



I paid 45$ for mine at Home Depot, but they are MUCH cheaper on Amazon!
towel bar 1 // towel bar 2 // towel bar 3// towel bar 4

So I simply folded each scarf in half and then looped each around the bars. So simple!


I love the way they look too! It really brings a lot of fun to my closet.



How do you organize your scarves?




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