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April 2019 Sentence a Day

Hello there, lovelies!

I pray this finds you happy and healthy!

It’s time for another round of Sentence a Day, where we talk about all the things that happened this month, one sentence at a time. Wanna join us? Start writing those sentences and join us in the link-up next month! It’s easy!

Here goes:


Started the month out strong with a 6am barre class!


A regular day of school, barre, coffee, and gymnastics.

Today is mom and dad’s wedding anniversary! They’ve been married for 40 years!

Typical library run for us: we maxed out three library cards! Had a Taco Bell snack attack after.


Barre, school, gymnastics

Made a McKay’s run with the kids and it was CRAZY busy! Should have known better than to go on a Saturday!


Earrings: Nickel & Suede //Sandals: Target (Similar) //Chambray Romper: Target (Similar) //Cardi: Boutique (Similar)

Crockpot dinner/ laundry/closet cleanout

Went to a friend’s birthday party at a bowling alley. I haven’t been bowling in forever. I scored a 56! ha! Now I know why I never go!


Had a sad, hard day. Turned out to be girl problems, not depression. So that’s good at least.

Mom day date to Starbucks, Special Growers, Dollar Store and Taco Bell. We sure know how to party! ha!

Special Growers is a community project that teaches local teens with special needs how to grow plants and run a business! They sell starter plants to raise money!

Sunday=Mama’s rest day

Made tie-dye shirts with the kids today! Hands are hopelessly stained!


Learning about the 60’s means we do tie-dye!

Started a paper mache moon project with the kids for school

SUPER duper messy!


My oldest is studying to be a lifeguard this summer! How can this be real?!

We to #SelfCareSaturday at the barre and won a mini-facial! Scored some super cute clothes from a local vendor, WiseHart


Easter! Had dinner with my parents and a family friend, and then had lunch with the in-laws the next day. The kids have at least a gallon bag full of candy each!



It’s official! My oldest is now a certified Life Guard!



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2 thoughts on “April 2019 Sentence a Day

  1. Great tie-in to the ’60s with the tie dyed tees. Everyone did a super job. I had a six-week long project in high school called Decades, where we worked in a group to learn everything we could about a decade of history here in the U.S. Our decade was the ’60s. It was a fun project and I have never forgotten it all these years later.

    Congrats to the life guard. Doubly exciting because he will be making money which means he can help you out a little more with some of his expenses. I was a mean old (single) mom so my daughters had to pay for their cars, insurance, gas, and much of their clothing. Poor babies learned the value of a dollar though.

    Bravo on being such great library patrons. Our community library in northeast El Paso just reopened after an 18+ month reno. I need to get my bootie in there and quite BUYING books!!


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