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Summer GYPO Favorites

Get Your Pretty On hosts seasonal capsule wardrobe challenges and I’d been wanting to try one for a long while. This year, I decided to jump in and I’m SO glad! You can read all about these challenges:

Spring Challenge Week One

Spring Challenge Week Two

Summer Fashion Fun Blog Hop

The summer Get Your Pretty On wardrobe challenge is all finished now, and some friends and I decided to feature our favorite outfits from this capsule!

Gingham Skirt + White top + Bright Sandals


This skirt was by far my favorite piece in the capsule! I thought I’d end up looking like an extra from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! ha! Read more about this outfit HERE.

Denim Skirt + Bright Top + Kimono


I took a chance with this outfit and tried a hat, which I’ve always thought I couldn’t pull off. But I love how the overall look came together. Without this challenge, I don’t think I would have tried this! A bunch of my friends styled this outfit and we posted a blog hop HERE

Floral top + Jean Skirt + Sandals


This top became my new summer go-to! Who knew I was able to pull off so much pink?

Patterned Shorts + White top + Metallic Sandals


I’ve had these shorts forever and I’m so glad I found a new way to wear them!

Jumpsuit + Jean Jacket + Metallic Sandals


The only thing more comfy than a tshirt dress is this jumpsuit! It’s made out of jersey material and feels like I’m wearing pajamas! But I feel so put together! If you haven’t tried a jumpsuit, I highly recommend you do!

Please check out my friend’s posts featuring their favorite outfits from this challenge below!

Leslie from Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After

Dani from Family Love Inspiration

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!


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10 thoughts on “Summer GYPO Favorites

  1. You are precious in that skirt. Well, actually in everything. But I love your gingham outfit so much. And your patterned shorts are another fav. I like the way the texture and pattern in your sandals kind of mimics the pattern in your shorts. Of course, that hat is a darling accessory. I need to try wearing mine from an earlier challenge again. Need to hold up my head and fake confidence!!

    Like Dani, I haven’t tried the jumpsuit – at least not in this decade. My last jumpsuit was in the ’80s. And I really liked it then. But these days it can be urgent that I can get to the bathroom and out of my clothes in a hurry. Not sure how grandma bladder friendly jumpsuits are. You do look very put together in yours. Maybe I will take the leap!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jaime I love that jumpsuit. I haven’t found one yet but I’m going to keep trying. And all the pink tops. I have learned that most of my closet has black, grey or white, very little colour. I need to invest in a few nice pieces with colour I think. The hat is great. Up until a few years ago I never tried a hat either, but I have grown to enjoy them. Thanks for linking up today.

    Liked by 2 people

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