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10 Day Capsule Wardrobe


My husband was gone on a business trip for over a week. Without really planning, I began mixing and matching basic pieces to get me through. It was super easy, took very little thought, and I felt put together even though he was gone and I usually end up in leggings by the end of his trips.

I started out with 10 items:

  1. Graphic Tee
  2. Black and White patterned top
  3. Chambray top
  4. Grey Tee
  5. Boyfriend Jeans
  6. Joggers
  7. Cargo Shorts
  8. Sneakers
  9. Sandals
  10. Metallic Sandals

He was gone for six days, so I have six days of pictures. However, these pieces can be mixed to make at least three more outfits!

Day 1: Graphic tee + Joggers + Sandals


Day 2: Chambray top + Cargo Shorts + Sandals


Day 3: Grey tee + Cargo Shorts + Metallic Sandals (added a hat for my wet hair)


Day 4: Black and White patterned top + Boyfriend Jeans + Sneakers (added a kimono for church)


Day 5: Grey tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Sandals


Day 6: Black and White patterned top + Joggers + Metallic Sandals (added a straw purse)


These pieces could easily be mixed to make the following outfits:

Day 7: Graphic Tee + Cargo Shorts + Sneakers

Day 8: Chambray top + Joggers + Sandals

Day 9: Black and White patterned top + Cargo Shorts + Metallic Sandals

Day 10: Grey tee + Joggers + Sneakers

When bloggers talk about getting a closet full of basic pieces, this is what they are talking about. When you fill your closet with items that go together, you have infinite possibilities and it becomes effortless to get dressed in the morning. It helps to pick a mostly neutral color palette with one pop of color like I did above (Black and White  + Jeans + Chambray + Grey + Olive)!


Have you ever tried narrowing your wardrobe down to a capsule? I love doing this every now and then, even for a small period of time (like a long weekend or a family vacation)!


One thought on “10 Day Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Well done! I like your metallic sandals. And have really enjoyed my olive green shorts from the summer challenge. My olive joggers are favs, too. I have never really tried to build a capsule wardrobe but seems like packing for a trip is kind of the same thing. The challenges have made that much easier for me.


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