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April Sentence a Day

Have you heard of this type of journaling? It’s a fun way to keep track of what your life was like each month! If you’d like to join us next month, you can start now! Write a sentence about each day and then link up with us at the link below!


So, here is how the month of April went for us:

Back to the grind after a lovely Easter! Ordered a venti coffee today!

Had a busy, busy day- came home and passed out until hubs came home from work!

Homeschool Fitness this morning! Need coffee STAT!

Spent one on one time with my middle son today. Took him to his swim class and had lunch after!


So glad it’s Friday! Took the kids to the Kids Club at the local comic book store!


Movie night with the fam! We watched the new Jumanji movie!

My husband is the best! He helped unpack and clear out the rest of the moving boxes in our bedroom!

I came out to find that hubs had set up my doll collection in the cabinet for me! Love that man!

So good to see our friends at co-op after a week off. Making summer plans with them!

Had a pretty full day of schooling today. Two hours at Homeschool Fitness for all the kids and then we began our study of the Jazz Age.


Had an emergency dental visit for my youngest. Poor boy has a cavity!

Bummed in bed and did laundry.

Hubs surprised me and took me out on a date! We had burgers and shakes!

Weather turned cold and it was actually SNOWING this evening!

I taught the preschool class at co-op today! We did S is for Superhero and my dad (he’s a Superman collector and Musician) came and played music for the kids! They had a blast!


Took an incredible walk around the neighborhood with the kids this afternoon!

We learned about the 1920’s in school today!

We had an open house party and it was SO FUN! Everyone from Hubs’ work came and I got to make friends with the spouses!

Had a relaxing day and took my daughter to her gymnastics clinics.

Laundry day! That is all!

Hubs leaves for a work trip today but I feel more prepared this time and he’ll only be gone for three days.

Today was our LAST DAY EVER at this co-op!

I took the kids to an orientation at the animal shelter for the Reading Program there! We are going to start volunteering to read to the animals on Saturdays!

Spent the day in the car with the kids (eleven hours) driving to Daytona Beach, Florida! We finally got there at 11:30 at night!

We had a lovely family day at the beach but we couldn’t stay long because my daughter’s big gymnastics competition is this evening! (She did great! 1st place in bars, 2nd place in beam and floor, and 18th place in vault! She was third place overall!)

We had a wonderful day at the beach! So beautiful! So relaxing!


Spent all day driving home–hit traffic in Atlanta, but nothing can beat the chill I feel from being at the beach this weekend!

We slept in and will work on cleaning up after our weekend trip. So much sand! EVERYWHERE! ha!

As always, we were super busy! Would you like to join us for next month? Simply start jotting down a sentence about your day and you can link up with us! Please take a look at all the other ladies in the link-up! I love seeing what everyone was up to!

4 thoughts on “April Sentence a Day

  1. Bravo and congratulations to your daughter on her recognition and hard work at the competition. How wonderful that you all jumped in the car to cheer her on in Florida and to enjoy some family beach time. There’s not much better in my book!

    What a fabulous idea to have a reading program at the animal shelter. I LOVE IT!! Thank you for being THAT mommy who signs her babies up to participate in something like that. You rock.

    How did the co-op thing work? Was it a group of you taking turns teaching? Sounds like something I would enjoy doing. If I can get my family all well and straightened out. I am thinking of signing up for VIP Kid. Teaching online. Do you know anything about that? Just scared to commit to too much time with my youngest daughter seriously ill.


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