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365 Day Happiness Challenge: Binge Watching Friends

Have you heard of this challenge put on by PopSugar? I found it on Pinterest and I couldn’t resist it because I really really suck at New Year’s Resolutions, but this looked like a fun way to invest a little time in myself and my family throughout the year!


I had intended on trying something from this challenge approximately three times per week, but the winter slump got me. Oh, boy did it get me. It’s easy to forget to take time out for yourself when things get busy and when you get so so tired.

HERE are the previous posts on this challenge! I’m pretty proud of the ones I’ve done so far, and with the weather being ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE lately, I’m looking forward to doing more.

Every now and then, I love to re-watch my favorite shows. I’m currently binge watching Friends on Netflix! Hubs and I watch a couple episodes each night after the kids are in bed. We’ve made it past hubs’ least favorite part, where Ross says Rachel’s name at the altar:


If you knew him, you’d laugh that he even has a least favorite part of this show. ha! He loves Joey’s character, though. Let’s just say that it really is true love that he’s willing to watch this with me (for a second and third time…and fourth time! ha!)


Phoebe had her brother’s babies already:


And, now they are currently in Vegas celebrating Chandler and Monica’s one year anniversary.


Of course I know what happens next! But, I can’t help it. This show just cracks me up, and it helps me wind-down at night. Plus, nostalgia:


Do you have any shows you’ll watch over and over again? Hit me up with some suggestions in the comments! I’m sure hubs would welcome a change!




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