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Embroidered Jeans at Target

So, I jumped on the embroidered jeans trend for spring and went ahead and ordered two pairs of embroidered jeans from Target. I love how companies are updating the basics this season, and I love how the embroidery makes me feel just a little bit boho. Plus, you just can’t beat the prices at Target when trying out a new trend.

These are JUST as cute in person, and they come in plus sizes and short lengths as well.

Aren’t they adorable? (Just under 30$) When mine came in, I tried them on really quick to see what the fit was like:


As you can see, they aren’t super skinny jeans (which I actually prefer) and I can see that if they start to bag out, they’ll end up fitting more like boyfriend jeans. But that’s a BIG IF and, embroidered boyfriend jeans sounds cute to me too. I have yet to try the three hour test run to see if they’ll bag out at all. But when I do, I’ll let you know. I’m super optimistic about them, though. They just felt very good to wear! These are by Universal Thread and I took a 12 short in these. (I may order one size down just to see how they’d fit!)

The second pair I ordered were white with green embroidery! (Just under 28$) White jeans always seem to be a big thing for spring and summer, and I’ve been looking for a better fitting pair.

These also come in plus, but since they are cropped already, they do not come in shorter lengths:

Cute, right? The fit was more of a true skinny jean and they have amazing stretch. I can see these bouncing back quite nicely during the day. Plus, they are high-waisted, which I love (and need!)! HOWEVER, you can see in the second picture that they are a little see through. I’ll have to make sure to wear longer tops with this. These are also by Universal Thread and I’m wearing a 12.



Have you tried the embroidered jeans trend, yet? I think it is SO cute and adds a little personality to an otherwise basic piece of clothing. Let me know if you give these a try! I’d love to feature an outfit you created using one of the above pieces!


One thought on “Embroidered Jeans at Target

  1. Both of these are just so cute. Great fit, too. I like my skinnies with a little room! But I have been indulging so much lately and not working out like I should, so all of my skinnies feel really…well, skinny! I bought a pair of embroidered jeans at the end of last summer or early fall. Didn’t wear them a lot because they felt too summery to me. Need to see if I can get those bad boys on right now and if not, make that my motivation to get back into the gym.

    That second pair could really be dressed up for a night out with gold accessories, sandals, maybe a metallic tee. Love that the first pair has so many colors in the flowers. Mine are mostly peach and coral which also limits what I can wear them with.

    You scored and really look sensational!


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