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Weekend Wrap-Up


It’s raining, it’s pouring…I wish I was snoring! ha! Today is gloomy again after a lovely couple of days of sunshine and flower blooms. But, having lived in the Pacific Northwest, I can appreciate a good rainy day spent cozied up under a blanket reading my favorite book. And naps. Oh, I’d love to be napping. ha!

This weekend was lazier than others, since I stayed home for most of it. I took the time to catch up on some chores (yuck) but I also got a little reading in. I saw this book on Insta (I think?) and bought it on a whim:

It’s about finding a makeup look that suits your lifestyle that is effortless to YOU, instead of teaching a bunch of complicated looks and techniques that may or may not be appropriate for what you do. For example, I will probably never learn to contour because it just doesn’t seem to suit my everyday lifestyle of laundry and potty training. Anyway, it’s  pretty good book and I’m looking forward to reading more! If you’ve read it, what did you think?

I recently bought this Too Faced White Peach eye shadow palette in anticipation of the spring weather, and I LOVE it! The colors are super soft and it smells so nice. This is the first look I did with it and I can’t wait to experiment some more.


Monday, I posted about the inspiration board I made for the 365 Day Happiness Challenge! You can read about how it came together HERE! Read about the other 365 Day Happiness Challenge posts HERE


This week, my April Plunder Posse box came in and I posted about it HERE! Isn’t this so beautiful? And the tassels seem to be right in line with what I’m seeing in stores this season!


I did two spring outfit round ups on the blog this week! The first one focused on spring transitional looks.


My second outfit round up featured my favorite color to wear: Green!


But what I’ve really been focusing on lately is the Spring Style Challenge hosted over at Get Your Pretty On. There is a new challenge every season and I’ve been  wanting to join for literally years!! This year, I finally decided it was time to give it a try and it’s really been great! She gives you a shopping list and you shop your closet and then the stores for the items you’ll need for the capsule wardrobe. Then you just wear the outfit scheduled for each day of the challenge. We are just over the halfway mark of the challenge and it’s made getting ready each morning extremely easy! You can tell by looking at my Insta that all my outfits lately have been mixing and matching the same pieces. I will have to write more about this soon! But I think it’s safe to say that these orange pants from H&M have been the clear winner for me during this challenge!


I’ve been working to make a few other things easier in my life, as well. The kids and I have been dragging the last month or so with school, so I changed things up a bit to focus on our Math (my weak point) on Mondays. We still do math every day, but we really take some time to do all the hands on learning we can on Mondays. A few friends had recommended these math games and I finally ordered them today! I can’t wait to incorporate them into our school time!

We’re also learning about the Jazz Age in history and have taken some time to learn about Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, in particular. We’re getting to the ladies this upcoming week! Here are a couple books we are using:

I love this time period because there are finally videos of the actual people, places, and events that we can find on YouTube. Watching the live Jazz performances was a really great addition to our schooling this week.

And that’s all I’ve got for now! So, how has your week been? I hope this finds you well and that you are able to tackle this upcoming week like a boss! We’ve got this!


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