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Insta Round-up: #ootd that Transition to Spring

I’ve been pulling out all the layers lately and trying to get with the program, weather-wise. It’s spring’s party, and the weather can cry if she wants to. Ha! Here are five spring transition outfits I wore that made me feel put together, as seen on my Insta!

1. Jumpsuit and Moto Jacket– I loved how easy this was for a busy Monday! The jacket has sweater sleeves and so felt like I was wearing a hoodie all day.


Jumpsuit: Old Navy (Similar) // Moto Jacket: boutique (Similar)

2. A Pop of Yellow– I never thought I could wear yellow, but I really love it here!

Mixed Media Top: Loft// Jeggings: Walmart// Puffer Vest: boutique (Similar) // Fringe Purse: Walmart (Similar)

3. Cozy Sweater and Beanie– This sweater is seriously so warm! So perfect for a cold day at gymnastics with the kids.


Leopard Cardi: Target (Similar)// Beanie: Amazon// Side-tie Tee: Loft (Similar)(Similar) // Booties: Walmart Clearance

4. Putting a Blazer on it– I love trying stripes in different ways! When I saw this for sale on Poshmark, I had to give it a try!


Blazer: Gap via Poshmark (Similar“>Similar)// Necklace: Purple Peridot

5. Led Zeppelin, Please– My go-to outfit combination for Saturdays!


Tee: Amazon// Gingham: Thrifted Old Navy (Similar)// Skinnies: Express (Similar) // Converse Ballet Sneakers: Nordstrom Rack (Similar)

So tell me, what are some ways you add layers during this time of year? As I’m typing this, it’s nice and sunny out again and I’m loving it! Here’s to hoping it hangs around for a day or two!


(Post contains a few affiliate links at no extra cost to you! I hope you enjoy the items that are featured here, and I’d love to see how you make them work for you!)

One thought on “Insta Round-up: #ootd that Transition to Spring

  1. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to say hi here in the comments as I tried to get in touch with you before for a collab but never heard anything back from you. If you’re open to collabs I’d love to hear from you. You’re more than welcome to write directly to me on – even if you’re not interested. All the best xx


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