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What We Ate While Hubs Was Away

Lest you think I’ve got this whole Mom of 5 thing down pat, here is a nice little post about how things just fall apart when my husband is away on business.

I think it’s a given that life with five kids is totally crazy. But when Hubs goes on a business trip, it completely falls apart! So sit back and have a laugh with me as I tell you how our week went in food.

Day One: Oh Crap, They Want to Eat, Too?

So today was straight up crazy. The kids were wild, the pets were wild, and I didn’t get a single thing done that I had hoped to get done. So when seven o’clock rolled around and I realized they wanted food too, I pulled out a bag of pizza seasoned bagels and some pizza sauce! That’s literally it. I toasted the bagels and topped it with sauce. Done. I think it cost like…8$ total. And it was Mom-Brain friendly! Score!


Day Two: My Hair is on Fire!

So we had dinner finally around 8. We’ve got somewhere to go early the next morning and my daughter was late at gymnastics and the thought of fast food just made me not want to eat at all. I should have just picked up burgers. But I digress. We had Bowtie noodles in ALFREDO sauce. I made the sauce with one stick of butter, two blocks of cream cheese, some milk and some parmesan. Not measured, of course! That would indicate hair NOT being on fire. Ha!


Day Three: Who am I? What’s my name? Where’s my coffee? No, really. WHERE’S MY COFFEE?!

You know we totally ate Taco Bell. We were up super early this morning and out until 7. The bell was beckoning me! It’s totally nutritious though because of the lettuce. ha!


Day Four: I’ve given up for today!

Suddenly I looked up and it was 7:45 and we hadn’t had dinner yet! Looks like it’s bologna sandwiches and leftovers for us! I mean, I figured that cooking frozen pizzas for lunch counted as my cooking for the day. Go me! I’m winning!


Day Five: Pizza Bagels Part 2

Yep, I’ve officially given up. Our washing machine died today. Boo.


Day Six: Trying to rally

I put out a pound of ground beef to thaw earlier in the day, which is good because I was busy trying to figure out why my washing machine and heater are suddenly no longer working. GAH! So when the kids started crying hungry around 5 o’clock, I made hamburger helper. Yes. I. Cooked. And it was totally nutritious because I added a can of green beans on the side! ha! And cooking on the stove heated the kitchen up! Bonus!



Day Seven: Home Stretch

The house is trashed and we are currently trying to clean up the madness before Hubs gets home. I mean, I’m not trying too hard. Let’s be honest! ha! We had “fend for yourself” night tonight which means most of us just ate cereal. My daughter decided she wasn’t completely helpless and made herself chicken nuggets. SCORE!


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I (didn’t) enjoy living it. ha! This week was hard, guys. Like, crying in the closet so the kids couldn’t find me, hard. Let’s hope it gets back to normal AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Much love,


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