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NARS Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette


After my review of Urban Decay’s Heavy Metals palette a couple days ago, I was pretty upset that all the makeup I’ve got is already selling out. I wrote a review of Tarte’s Magic Star palette only to realize it was sold out too.

So, I went and dug out my Nars Glass Tears eyeshadow palette right away to try and recreate the look from the Heavy Metals palette; classic green and gold.


And WHOA is this palette pigmented! I thought Urban Decay’s eyeshadows were pigmented, but these are ultra. I dug right into that green and so it came out a little darker than I had intended. But I like it! It would be great for a night out!



These shades are matte shimmers, not glitters. So I wonder if that’s why they are more pigmented. Either way, the look didn’t come out quite as shiny as the other. But this is a look you could actually get because it’s NOT SOLD OUT! Now that’s a first! ha! (It is a limited edition Holiday 2017 palette so don’t delay!)


It’s a great little palette and it’s going to last a long while. And, now that I’ve finally tried NARS eyeshadows you know I’m going to have to try some more! You can get this one from the NARS website HERE. It’s 49$, but if you dig these colors it will last you a long time and will be totally worth it!


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