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Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eye Shadow Palette: Review


I only just began trying makeup that wasn’t found in a drug store around this time last year. My very first palette was Urban Decay’s Naked 3 and I was amazed at how much better the eyeshadow felt! It just blended better, the colors were more vibrant and it lasted longer. So I’m going to preface this review by saying that I’m already a fan of everything Urban Decay because it was my first try at nicer makeup!

I bought this Heavy Metals palette right before we moved into our new house so I never got to use it. It came in the mail and I had to pack it. Well, I unpacked this baby about two weeks ago and I. Am. In. Love!


I’ve always been a “fun” makeup kind of girl. Whenever the ladies in the family would hit the outlets, we’d stop at one of the makeup stores and I would always be drawn to the bright colors and the fun accessories. I wasn’t really a “makeup every day” kind of girl then and everyone would laugh at my choices. You’d think I’d pick something I could wear every day. But I always picked something for special occasions because I knew darned well that’s the only time I wore makeup.

Well, it turns out that I’m still that girl. Only now, I have normal every day makeup and then I have WHIZ BANG, HOLY COW, LET’S HAVE FUN makeup. ha!


This palette is the one to have if you want super fun looks. For my first look, I tried Mullet and Twisted; a classic green and gold combo.


I wasn’t really expecting it to be anything special. I just really wanted to see what the formula was like. But I LOVE how it turned out!! I think it made my eyes pop!



As you can see, all the colors are glitters and so there is some fallout. I also didn’t use an eyeshadow primer. But the colors are very bold and colorful. I just love the colors in this palette and the pigmentation is pretty great. They blend well too.


Turns out this palette is another one that’s sold out! What the heck is that all about? Maybe I just hung onto it too long. I see there are some on ebay though, so there’s still hope. If you want something fun, this is the one to get!

Did you like my look? Would you wear bright and bold colors like this? I’m thinking gold and green might be a great look for our Saint Patrick’s Day dinner this year!


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