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My Oscar’s Red Carpet Favorites

So, I NEVER EVER catch the Oscar’s! But my oldest saw that I was having a hard day yesterday and he surprised me by putting it on the TV for me! Isn’t he sweet? Of course, the part that I was riveted by was the Red Carpet! I ADORED some of the fashion this year! I noticed lots of delicate, beautiful details! Let’s take a look at my favorites!

Sandra Bullock, Haley Bennett, and Jennifer Lawrence
Greta Gerwig, Zendaya, Mary J. Blige
Salma Hayek, Zoey Deutch, Taraji P. Henson
Keala Settle, Helen Mirren, Betty Gabriel
Mirai Nagasu, Chadwick Boseman, Beanie Feldstein

So I guess you could say that I definitely have a type! I loved the beading and embroidery and I loved the ethereal and statuesque shapes. Also, Chadwick Boseman had the most interesting suit in a sea of men wearing basically the exact same thing!

Photos found on!

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