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February Sentence a Day!

Welcome to my February Sentence a Day! Have you heard of this kind of journaling? I just love it because it takes very little commitment but the outcome is pretty cool. Writing one sentence each day adds up to a great snapshot of what your life was like that month!

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Hubs took me for a date to get a PUPPY as an early Valentine’s gift! We didn’t count on him wanting one too! But these pups just stole our hearts!

We had to take Churchill to the vet and he is really sick! They kept him overnight for treatment!

Churchill is back from the puppy hospital- he has pneumonia 😦 But looks like he is starting to feel better.


Co-op was cancelled today! I’m staying home to play with my pup!


When. Kids. Complain. About. Everything.

Had an Olympics watching party at Mom and Dad’s house!!

It’s opening ceremonies day!! SQUEEEEEE!


Olympics ALL DAY!!

Spent the day putting the house together!


1st official day of Olympics Schooling…that’s a thing, right?


Had co-op today–must have been feeling spunky because I volunteered to teach PreK next year!

Stayed home and binge watched the Olympics for Valentine’s Day. Had heart shaped pizza for dinner!


More Olympics schooling and my oldest downloaded NBC’s Virtual Reality app! We all tried virtual snowboarding and skiing.

Spent the day volunteering with the kids. They had WAY better attitudes this time.


My daughter leaves with hubs today for her Disney competition in Florida!

Her competition went AMAZING! She earned gold in bars, floor, and beam and earned a bronze in vault and a gold All Around!


Hubs and my daughter came home from their trip and we hand the rest of the day off!

The weather was SUPER nice today! The kids had a good day at co-op and we met hubs at work for lunch.

Had a great afternoon playing with the kids outside today in this beautiful weather!


Stayed home today and did a bunch of Olympic schooling activities.


Sigh. Well, we met one of our neighbors today…as my youngest decided he was going to go pee in the backyard in front of everyone. ha!

Watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics…what will I do with my life now?

Olympics withdrawals are R.E.A.L.

Two of my kiddos participated in the talent show at co-op! So cute!


Last day of February and it’s all rainy and gloomy. Time to break out my rainboots!


Well, that’s my month in a snapshot! How was your month? I always feel like mine was CRAZY busy! But that’s life with five kids, amiright? Please join us with your Sentence A Day posts by linking up below!


9 thoughts on “February Sentence a Day!

  1. Boys peeing outside . . . that’s a thing I hear! (And thanks for the laugh 🙂

    Congratulations on your two new little puppies! They are lots of work to start with, but they grow up and out of it pretty darn fast. A lot faster than human children do that’s for sure!

    Loved the glimpse into your full, happy life, Jaimie!


  2. Your journal is so cool, great pics and fun activities! I’m new to this challenge, just posted my first one.


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