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Weekend Wrap-up


So, hey! Anyone who followed my Instagram yesterday noticed that my feed showcased a LOT of photos of my daughter at her gymnastics competition! It was totally a #sorrynotsorry situation because I am ONE PROUD MAMA! She earned gold medals in beam, bars, and floor and she earned a bronze in vault and gold for All-Around!


I actually couldn’t go with her to this one since it was in Florida at Disney World. But her dad really wanted to take her and so they had a Daddy-Daughter weekend in Florida. I mean, how sweet is this?


There was just NO WAY I could say no to those faces.

But this past week has been kind of a fun one with the Olympics on! Since we homeschool, I decided that I wanted to incorporate that into our schooling. (And, bonus, I get to have the Olympics on all day!)


I found a bunch of resources on my Pinterest board: The Olympics are Coming! But I also bought some books for us to read during the week!

My kids are also currently working through these cute workbooks! The first one is published by a fellow homeschooler, so I felt pretty good about supporting her!

My oldest remarked that I have to go and make everything educational. lol But I figure either we do regular school stuff and try and fit in the Olympics around that, or we make a unit study out of it, and do the Olympics for school! Once he understood that NOT doing school at all was NOT an option, he chose doing Olympics stuff. No surprise there! ha!

On Monday, I joined a blog hop sharing love stories just in time for Valentine’s Day! I told the story of how my husband and I met! You can read it HERE


I also wrote about 3 Mom Uniform Essentials and linked to a few of my favorites (Plus sizes included!)


With Valentine’s coming up, I rounded up some inspiration for having a date night at home! We chose to stay home so I could watch the Olympics (I’m crazy about the Olympics!) Read more HERE


This leopard and lace outfit was one of my favorites last week! Read about it HERE


My husband got me a Tarte Magic Star Palette for Christmas, but I guess I’m super late to the party because I can’t find it anywhere! I talked about it and reviewed Tarte in general HERE


Last week I started a super fun style challenge and these are my favorites!


I thought these ladies did great! Head on over HERE to learn more and give these ladies a follow!

My #BandTeeSaturday offering was this super cute Rolling Stones Tee! I wrote about it HERE and I dish on where I get all my band tees! I’ve linked to the ones that are currently on my wishlist!


Lastly, I started an herb garden for my 365 Day Happiness Challenge! I love this challenge, mostly because I can pick what I want to do and choose the days I feel like doing it! ha! Read more HERE


So, who else has today off for President’s Day? My husband and my daughter are flying home from their whirlwind weekend at the gymnastics competition. He’s got today off work, so I expect that we’ll be recovering from the weekend and getting ready to get back to the grind tomorrow! I am super glad for an extra day this weekend!

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, I hope that you slay this day and you take this week by storm!

Much Love,


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