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January Sentence A Day

Have you heard of Sentence a Day journaling? I love this method of documenting our lives, bit by bit. It’s an easy commitment and gives an accurate snapshot of how our month went! Simply summarize your day in one sentence for an entire month. By the end, you have a pretty good idea of what your life was like!


  • I’m sick in bed for ONE DAY and my four year old literally catches fire??!! Can’t make this stuff up!  (He stood against the pilot light on the heater downstairs and singed the hairs on the back of his head!)
  • Still feeling crappy but was able to get up and around a bit.
  • Hubs went back to work today! I’m feeling the pressure to get this house back up and running!
  • Today was my little man’s last day of Speech! We celebrated with hot chocolates (and coffee for Mom!) from Starbucks, pizza for dinner…and his Dad brought home a PS4!
  • We’re getting our over-the-stove microwave installed today! Our house is beginning to come together!
  • 9E1600FD-BDAA-4FE1-8078-881621CF5BB1
  • Ordered some things to organize the laundry room! With a family as big as mine, I need HUGE baskets! I wrote about it HERE
  • My daughter has a bunch of gymnastics clinics today to get her ready for her competition next Sunday!
  • Getting ready for our first day of school for 2018–Tomorrow! But the schoolroom is all boxes!
  • First day of school! They did really super well even though they were bummed that public schools had the day off due to ice rain.
  • My Uncle passed away in his sleep last night. He suffered from Stage 4 Lung Cancer. I was at co-op when I got the call and have been numb ever since. I wrote all about my Unc, HERE


  • My husband travels to San Jose today for a business trip. He’ll be gone for the rest of the week. Gonna need ALL THE COFFEE
  • Having a hard day today; feeling so sad. The good news is we have nowhere we have to go.
  • Reminisced with my Dad tonight about all the crazy things Uncle Steve used to do. Our first week back at school is finished! I don’t know how we managed to do all that while hubs was gone.
  • Had another day at home today!
  • Today is my daughter’s gymnastics competition! She won two first places, one second place, and one fifth place and was 2nd place overall! Hubs flew back in late this evening.
  • We took the day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The kids were SO HAPPY!
  • Stayed home and played in the SNOW!


  • Still icy and snowy today. Hubs worked from home and the kids made snow cream from all the snow!
  • Hubs took me out to dinner tonight! What a surprise
  • Took the kids volunteering at a food bank today!3B8BC608-DAE9-4C18-A17D-8B967E0EC1CD
  • My husband and son went to an anime fest today! I got to stay home!
  • Did some great work on the house today and rearranged some things in my room.
  • Frustrating day at school. Was completely derailed by math today. Math is literally all we accomplished.
  • Had a crazy busy day at co-op and gymnastics!
  • Went ahead and bought the Wanted palette by NARS. I’ve been eyeing it forever!
  • We stayed home ALL DAY TODAY!
  • Hubs came home from work with coffee and flowers! What a sweetheart!DD3F492D-BA04-484E-925C-B52AB0E758AA
  • Literally didn’t get out of bed all day. Took a nap and lounged around. IT WAS GLORIOUS!
  • Wearing flowers today. I must be secretly dreaming of spring!


Well, that’s it for January! Sorry this came at you so late! This week just ran right away from me! Want to join us!! Link up your Sentence a Day post below!

8 thoughts on “January Sentence A Day

  1. I remember reading an earlier post about your uncle and thinking he sounded like such a great guy, full of life. I had a very dear uncle, too. Think of him so often.

    Glad you are feeling better. You look super pretty in your dress and denim jacket. I was about to purge my jacket but seeing how cute it looks on you, I think I will give it a bye.

    Love the flowers from hubs and that you guys enjoyed a date night. Thank you for being the mom who takes her children to places like a food bank. So important, IMO.

    Are you game to write a love story post for 02.12? I was thinking you and I were doing it together but then I found an email from Rebecca and so now I am confused. No pressure. Just trying to figure out who I am teaming up with!


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