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Weekend Wrap-Up


Hey there! Just checking in after a lovely, wonderfully lazy weekend. I totally needed it! Most days I feel like a candle being burned from both ends. It’s a happy candle, but being used up, nevertheless.

Our schedule finally kicked into gear this week after a nice, long Christmas break and some lovely snow days. We started our second week of homeschooling in earnest, had co-op again on Tuesday, and my son’s Japanese class began again on Wednesday.

With our schedule becoming more normal, other things are falling into place, like unpacking and organizing my closet:


I got this makeup organizer to reduce the pile that’s always on my bathroom counter. As soon as I got it, I threw a bunch of stuff in it, but it’s by no means organized yet. A task for another day. But at least I no longer have to get ready in the morning out of my travel case. All my most used products are right within reach.


I’ve gotten back to my first love in blogging: Outfit Posts! I’ve tried to become more organized and make the posts more useful so that they are easily shoppable should you desire some of the same pieces. Check them out below:

Love Those Layers (Lace Extenders)

Chenille #ootd (Chenille Sweaters)

Faux Suede and Fur Vest (Faux Suede pieces)

Who Wears the (Red) Pants in This Family (Colored leggings and skinnies)

“Owl”ways Ready for the Weekend (Recent Poshmark finds)



When I was younger, I loved to read! But that fell away once I got busier and older and one day I realized I hadn’t read for fun in YEARS. Last summer, I picked out a stack of books to read and took some time out for myself and just…READ. I’m keeping that up during the year as much as I can so I ordered this book on the Women’s March and it came in this week:

The photos in it are just downright beautiful! It’s inspiring to hear how the march was organized and how the women gathered together to change their worlds. I also found this magazine while grocery shopping on Wednesday and I can’t WAIT to read it next. They don’t call me RetroCutie for nothing! I love all things retro!

As far as schooling is concerned, it’s going well! We’ve hit a slow patch with math though, and I’ve decided to take a detour and review some of our math facts before moving forward. I ordered these books from The Thinking Tree and I can’t wait to crack them open on Monday! My kids will be thrilled!

You can be sure that once we begin using them, a review will be coming your way! We just love our Thinking Tree Journals!

Hubs came home from work early on Friday and brought me coffee and flowers!!


He even offered to run the rest of my errands for the evening AND bring home dinner. Now, that’s a win/win in my book!

One thing I never wrote about last week, was our volunteer time at a local food bank. I’ve tried to teach my kids compassion and to care for people other than themselves. I wish they “got” it all the time and when they didn’t this time, I felt like a horrible failure. I realized that I didn’t write about it because it was a fail in my book. But then I realized that this blog was always meant to be a real representation of my life, not always just the highlights. So we spent three hours at the food bank, with them complaining and being whiny kids the entire time. But at least I got this great photo! ha!


Afterwards, I made the older kids go home and research world hunger and write me a summary on why we should care for others. I guess not every effort will be a win, especially with a teenager, but I hope someday it clicks with them.

In an effort to become a better blogger, I bought this journal that is helping me analyze what I’m doing well and to improve what I’m not so good at. Plus, the title made me chuckle:

I have a couple daily planners that I love! I have this Lilly Pulitzer planner that I keep track of all the style challenges, meal planning, and activities that we do. But it’s HUGE!

I picked a large one on purpose because I have a lot that goes into it. But I also needed a smaller one to keep in my purse and carry with me. So I ordered this:

I love the Panda Planner because it has sections for writing goals, recording weekly and daily wins, and writing down what you’re grateful for. I’m hoping this will help keep me in a positive mindset and help me to better organize my days.

Phew! So, that’s all for my week! How did your week go? Did you do anything for you this weekend? I wish you the best in the upcoming week and I hope we both smash all our goals! Bring it on, Monday!


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