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“Owl”ways Ready for the Weekend #ootd

See what I did there? ha! I love a good comfy sweater, and this is one of my favorite thrifted items from Poshmark!


Sweater: Rewind thrifted (Similar)|Side-Stripe Jeans: Loft (on 60% off sale!)| Converse: thrifted (Similar)

The thrifted items in this outfit are both from Poshmark. I never realized how many Poshmark items I had until this past week. Several outfits had thrifted items in them and all of them were super great deals!

Monday: Gingham top (Old Navy)


Tuesday: Striped Cardi (Boutique)


Thursday: Leopard Sweater (Merona)


I also have a Poshmark closet, (@retrochicky) if you’re interested, and am currently adding more to it as I unpack and find more things.

I’ve noticed that I’ve taken to online thrifting quite a bit and I think it’s because it’s just too hard to go on a really good trip with the kids. Either I’ve got to take them with me or find a sitter. Thrifting with the kids really isn’t THAT terrible except they all want to buy something too and sometimes I just need some time to myself. So I shop secretly online. ha!

ANYWAY, care to share you latest posh purchase? I’d love to hear about any incredible deals you’ve scored!


(This post contains a couple affiliate links at no extra cost to you! Thank you so much for supporting this blog by shopping my links. You’re awesome.)

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