Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-up


Hey there! Welcome to another Weekend Wrap-up! I began this series to kind of summarize my week and link up some blog posts that you might have missed. We had a long weekend, so this is coming at you late! It was great to spend an extra day being a slug with the family!

My daughter had a gymnastics competition on Sunday! She did REALLY well. I don’t know how she doesn’t have nerves, or I should say, how she can hide her nerves so well and still compete! She’s definitely got her father in her.

We started school back up again this week! It was crazy to have moved and set up again all during Christmas break! Of course, the school room isn’t nearly finished. Like at all! Literally the only thing I have in order is this bookshelf right here! ha!


We were so glad to get back to our Thinking Tree Journals! We started our week with our Bible Journals and then I let them sketch in their main journals while I read about Marie Curie. I still need to set up the rest of the books for next week!


I’ve written quite a bit about The Thinking Tree before!

Thinking Tree Review

Thinking Tree Journals in Action

Dyslexia Games

Poetry and Literature Journals

Thinking Tree Minecraft Journal

Thinking Tree Seven Amazing Continents

The biggest thing that happened this week was my Uncle Steve’s passing. He was still fairly young and we are having a hard time with it. I wrote about my grief in a Real-Talk Wednesday post HERE


Soon after, my husband had to leave for a business trip. My mother works for the same company so she was gone too! So my dad and I have been on our own this week. Mom and Dad are fixing up their house and Dad had to be there all week long working! Mom has written about what they are doing to fix up the house and you can read it HERE

But the cool part is, I got to keep Mom and Dad’s dogs at my house this week! The pups follow me around (mostly because they want snacks! ha!) but it keeps me company, especially when the kids are all in bed and this house gets so quiet!


I wrote a little bit about Ponchos and how I think its great that this retro trend is coming back around again! HERE Did any of my followers get to wear this trend the first time around? They made a brief resurgence in the 90’s and I had one but I didn’t wear it much. So I can’t wait to wear these more!


I made a few outfit posts this week. I talked about all of this year’s Christmas outfits, wore a #basic outfit with a tunic and jean jacket, and I wrote about my favorite LuLaRoe piece: the Irma tunic.

In my post about my favorite LuLaRoe piece, I also talked about how to create outfits with a pop of color! There are three easy steps I use to create mine! Check it out HERE

I spent some time setting up house and moving furniture around as part of my 365 Day Happiness Challenge. This was my second day of the challenge and it was fun! You can read all about it HERE


Saturday, I basically spent the day being a slug. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I did a bazillion loads of laundry and partially set up my four year old’s bedroom. The problem is, he has no furniture in there except a bed! So all the laundry is stacked in the closet until I can get him a dresser. I’d like to put a small bookshelf in there too and maybe a toy box. See, he always shared a room with his older brothers so he’s never had any of this stuff of his own.

So, since I did some “glamorous” shopping with you last week, would you like to see the items I’m looking at for his room? (Affiliate links)

Here is the bed we got him for Christmas!

If we continued the Cars theme, wouldn’t this be a cute addition to his room?

His room is the only bedroom with hardwood floors, so I’m really glad we got him one of these rugs last summer!

I just love this dresser, too. Mostly because it doesn’t follow the cars theme but has the same colors. He’ll be able to use this long after his Cars obsession ends.

Do you have any ideas of what I could do with his room? Looks like I might have to check out some Pinterest posts! ha!


(Post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you! Thank you so much for your support!)



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